March 22, 1996
The Wisdom Fund

Sacrificing Africans, Muslims To Bring Nile Water To Israel

Are the Sudanese people about to be placed on the sacrificial altar of the Western powers in order to bring water to their progeny -- the state of Israel? Are U.S. citizens and Europeans about to be suckered into a 'peace-making mission' in Sudan?

It is no secret that Israel is thirsting for new supplies of water. Ever since its birth it has met its water requirements by denying water to the native Palestinians. This may change as the Israeli-PLO "peace process" is played out. And even if current discriminatory water sharing arrangements continue, Israel is going to need more water to meet its increasing demand. So how does Sudan enter into the picture?

Enver Masud, Executive Director of The Wisdom Fund, first heard of secret ongoing studies to bring the Nile's water to Israel from a Kenyan hydrological expert in Tanzania who declined to be quoted for fear of reprisals. The Nile, of course, runs through Sudan and Egypt. And while Egypt may be persuaded to surrender its water to Israel, the Sudanese mainly Muslim regime presents a bigger obstacle.

The proposal seemed rather farfetched to Mr. Masud, a registered professional engineer and international consultant, when he first heard of it. However, recent testimony prepared for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on International Relations by Ms. Muriel Mirak of the Schiller Institute in Washington, D.C. causes Mr. Masud to reconsider.

Ms. Mirak states that the leading witnesses testifying to alleged white slavery in Sudan "are acting as agents of a foreign power," and "are engaged in witting fraud on the Congress." She further states that the policies being promoted by Christian Solidarity International, allegedly "a vehicle of the intelligence services of Great Britain . . . if implemented, would unleash genocidal war across the entire region of eastern Africa."

We are reminded of the October 10, 1990 testimony of 'Nayirah' who testified that she had watched infants being taken from incubators in a Kuwait City hospital, and that the Iraqi soldiers "left the babies on the cold floor to die." As we now know 'Nayirah' was none other than the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador in Washington, and that the public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton had staged the event to help former President Bush justify U.S. intervention in Kuwait.

We also know that the current regime in Sudan is considered hostile to U.S. interests, and that the U.S. has for half a century uncritically supported the state of Israel. While we admit there are some missing pieces, here's how we see the scenario, if left unchallenged, being played out.

The U.S. public is persuaded of human rights abuses in Sudan, the U.S. led and Great Britain backed United Nations passes the needed resolutions, Sudan is subjected to an embargo failing which the U.S. and European powers intervene in Sudan, this unleashes civil war across eastern Africa, the Sudanese regime is either toppled and replaced with one subservient to the West or sufficiently humbled to agree to western demands to let Israel have the Nile water, and U.S. taxpayers donate some more billions of dollars to Israel

Of course, if in the meantime several thousand Africans, Muslims, and possibly Americans are killed so what? We know that Africans don't have the same high regard for human life that we do. Didn't the U.S. Supreme Court once state that African Americans were merely property -- not human beings? And those Muslims should welcome the opportunity for 'jihad' and martyrdom which would send them straight to heaven. And 'our boys' will have died defending 'American values.'

And if all this comes to pass, we can count on our media to give it the proper spin so that we can feel good about going to the aid of yet another third world nation that cannot quite take care of itself. And the U.S. Congress and our President can continue to deny us, the American people, the 'peace dividend' that was to have come from the end of the cold war with the former USSR.

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