Release Date: July 24, 1996
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TWA Flight 800: A U.S. Mistake?

by Parveez Syed © Shanti RTV News Agency

Is there any evidence that the TWA flight 800 was shot down by a USAF missile? Only a few days after the crash, and before any appreciable amount of wreckage has been found, the answer is highly likely. But officials sought to dispel that possibility.

But even if authorities were to conclude that a surface-to-air missile destroyed the Paris and Rome bound TWA flight 800 with 230 people on board, they would be unlikely to release such a conclusion to the public. The implications for US foreign policy are immense.

TWA spokesman Gilbert Dennemont told reporters in Paris, France that TWA's security was initially handled by an Israeli firm. It was now in the hands of an American company specially set up for the purpose and trained by Israelis.

"So, could this be a case of the laid-off fire fighter starting a forest fire to get a paycheck and some overtime hours? Could this be a case of the Israeli security firm, angry at losing a contract with a major airline, engineering a little 'accident' to make the replacement 'American company' look like incompetents? Could this be a message to major airlines saying "you'd better have Israeli security" or we'll see that you regret it?," a concerned American wondered.

One must consider that since no one is stepping forward to claim that destroying the plane was some kind of political statement, there must at least be the thought that the motive was not to make a political statement but was done for an economic motive. The questions then that must be asked and answered, if the TWA plane was in fact destroyed by a bomb, are: 'Who would profit from such an act? Who had the ability to preform such an act?'

"And if the airline industry is compelled to a significant degree to rely on 'Israeli security', doesn't that give, oh say Mossad, the capability to monitor the travels of those they might have a 'special interest' in? I wonder how many other major airlines rely on 'Israeli' or 'Israeli trained' security?," he added.

During Nightline's broadcast in the US on the night of the TWA tragedy there was a report about a military C-130 aircraft that had been conducting a training mission in the area 40 minutes prior to the crash. The report stated that the training was related to Space Shuttle rescue missions, and that distress flares had been used. This report came approximately mid-way through the extended Nightline broadcast. Just before going off the air Ted Koppel stated that the they had received a call from the FAA cautioning them not to put out the story about a possible mid-air collision, because there had been no planes in the area at the time it went down.

"I don't know if this was related to the earlier mention of the C-130, and I haven't seen or heard anything concerning it in any later news reports. A possible military related accident was the first thought that came to my mind when hearing about distress flares and a C-130," a viewer told Shanti RTV news agency.

"Perhaps someone who has a tape, or access to the transcript of the Thursday 18 July 1996 Nightline broadcast could give us the exact quotes," he said.

And FBI NYC SAC James Kallstrom said at a press conference on Monday 22 July 1996 that he would have "*No!*" comment on reports that the US armed forces or a private defense contractor were testing an air-to-air or surface-to-air missile system in offshore waters south of Long Island on the evening of Wednesday 17 July 1996.

Simultaneously, at Kallstrom's home office in Federal Plaza in New York City, FBI sources informed WCBS radio that the possibility of a missile hit on the airliner was "on their short list".


1) Pleasure boaters with acoustic listening gear reported hearing the airliner's FDR and CVR "black boxes" pinging on Thursday and Friday. Now the combined hi-tech resources of the FBI, Coast Guard, US Navy, and Nassau, Suffolk, and NYC harbor police have not been able to hear the pings. In fact, there are no pings from the boxes.


2) One hundred witnesses have apparently already told the FBI or other law enforcement that they saw an object flying thru the air toward the jet, near the jet, or hitting the jet. Some accounts reportedly have the objecting flying DOWNWARD or HORIZONTALLY to hit the jet. Others seem to have it actually maneuvering around the jet to finally hit it from behind.

Witnesses who saw this -- and are vocal about what they saw if/when a whitewash or anti-terrorist blame-game starts -- might have to maintain their stories at their own peril, in my opinion. Even though HUNDREDS of people have reported these things, a clampdown aimed at faking the investigation could mean that the guilty parties (if they're "official") will have to deal with all these people and their families. Question is: Will they?

3) FEMA DIRECTOR JAMES LEE WITT is here to assess the "disaster", on personal orders from Clinton. FEMA federalized Oklahoma City, too, with dismal results for truth and completeness, as some of us know.

4) The Suffolk County Medical Examiner is a man of exceptional skill and integrity. His name is Dr Witli and he is the first American to publish a study showing cocaine use can be fatal (this was in 1970). He was also one of the first medical professionals to publish a work on forensic markers of human sacrifices.

Important people are trying to get Dr. Witli removed as the Suffolk M.E. NY Governor George Pataki can do this. The people who want Witli far away from the TW800 autopsies are trying very hard to remove him.

French sources reported on Sunday 21-07-1996 that French Defense Ministry experts say it is possible that the TWA Boeing 747 which exploded last week was "accidentally" [friendly fire] hit by a missile fired by a US Army unit in the region.

According to sources, the French experts believe that if reports about a surface-to-air missile hitting the plane are confirmed, the infrastructure needed to fire a missile powerful enough to hit a plane at that altitude is only possessed by army units. The possibility that a Stinger missile could hit the plane is being rolled out by the French.

The French experts say human or technical error could have led to the TWA crash. The experts say that if the TWA plan was shot down by "mistake" by a U.S. military unit, it is unlikely that the U.S. army will admit it.

[Newly disclosed evidence ``points to a missile'' as the cause of the explosion that killed all 230 people aboard TWA Flight 800 off New York's Long Island, The Press-Enterprise reported today. The evidence includes reddish residue found on several seat backs that laboratory analysis showed to be ``consistent with solid missile fuel'' ingredients, the newspaper said.--The Associated Press, March 10, 1997] back button