Release Date: July 24, 1996
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TWA Flight 800: Closing The Doors On Reason

WASHINGTON, DC, July 24 -- There are signs that the doors are beginning to close on logic and reason, and the propaganda machinery has been cranked up to name a 'culprit' in the downing of TWA Flight 800.

In it's July 23 editorial The Washington Post advises that while the "evidence of terrorism is not yet there," that "courtroom-type proof" may be hard to come by, that "international validation before the act of punishment would be the best way to go, but if that is not feasible a national decision by the injured party, the United States, ought to suffice." Also, within the past week, Iranian efforts to purchase nuclear technologies from German firms have been reported.

The "injured party" we believe are first and foremost the passengers and crew on TWA Flight 800, second their loved ones, third TWA, and fourth, possibly, the United States. In fact eyewitness reports suggest that the US may be the guilty party. There has been nothing to link Iran, or other 'rogue' states to this tragedy.

Shanti RTV of the United Kingdom reports: "One hundred witnesses have apparently already told the FBI or other law enforcement that they saw an object flying thru the air toward the jet, near the jet, or hitting the jet. " And that "French sources reported on Sunday . . . that French Defense Ministry experts say it is possible that the TWA Boeing 747 which exploded last week was "accidentally" [friendly fire] hit by a missile fired by a US Army unit in the region." It is further reported that "the French experts believe that . . . the infrastructure needed to fire a missile powerful enough to hit a plane at that altitude is only possessed by army units."

There are also reports that efforts are underway to oust the Suffolk County Medical Examiner Dr. Witli, apparently a man of exceptional skill and integrity, for his reluctance to participate in a cover up. Logic and reason demand that we look at all the options as Mr. Kallstrom, the FBI agent in charge, says.

These options are easily identified, provided that mechanical failure is ruled out, by asking, "Who gains and who loses from this tragedy?" Those who stand to gain the most are more likely culprits than those who stand to lose the most.

A healthy dose of scepticism may also be in order. Five months after the December 21, 1988 explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, the US State Department announced that the CIA was confident that the villains were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine led by Ahmed Jibril based in Syria. But when Syria allied with the US in the Gulf War the blame was shifted to Libya.

[The Associated Press, March 10, 1997 -- Newly disclosed evidence ``points to a missile'' as the cause of the explosion that killed all 230 people aboard TWA Flight 800 off New York's Long Island, The Press-Enterprise reported today. The evidence includes reddish residue found on several seat backs that laboratory analysis showed to be ``consistent with solid missile fuel'' ingredients, the newspaper said.]

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