Assalamualeikum brother Enver,

May this letter find you in the best of health and
strongest of Imaan. Ameen.

Well I am still waiting for your apology - preferable
public, as it is this kind of nonsense that keeps our
Ummah weak.

wa salam
September 28, 2003

Thanks for the additional info, but for someone with a
background in engineering and operations research, and
knowing how our government operates (see which
I wrote a couple of years ago), I am not entirely

A quick check on Google for "bev giesbrecht" (your
"real" name) yielded 6 entries. Sounds rather meager
for someone with 20 years in publishing. A Google
search on my name yields 791 entries.

Your statement "publishing my story on my timing"
seemed curious too. What is there to time in revealing
your identity?

As for the "nonsense" you mention, the nonsense may be
in establishing a business under a false identity.
Where I live you may not legally do that without filing
your correct identity with the appropriate government
agency. Fake identities on the Internet do not inspire

If your intentions are good, I apologize, but frankly
my suspicions have not yet been dispelled.

Incidentally, you published that it was I who made the
initial accusation. Not true - I read the initial
accusation in Scott Shane,"The Web as al-Qaida's
safety net,"Baltimore Sun, April 2, 2003.


The Wisdom Fund

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