November 9, 2005
The Washington Post

UN Extends Mandate in Iraq for U.S. Troops

by Warren Hoge

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 8 - The Security Council on Tuesday unanimously adopted a one-year renewal of the United Nations mandate for the United States-led multinational force in Iraq.

The resolution, sponsored by Britain, Denmark, Japan, Romania and the United States, extends the mandate until Dec. 31, 2006, but calls for a review of the decision by June 15 and allows for the ending of the mandate at any point if Iraq requests it. . . .

The coalition's mandate was established by the Security Council in June 2004 and would have expired with the end of Iraq's transitional government, which occurs when national elections are held next month.

The United States sought an early renewal to spare the incoming elected government the burden of having to make a request for international military assistance so early in its existence and to forestall the possible resurgence of any Security Council disagreement or the exit of any of the countries still in the coalition.

The measure also extends arrangements for depositing oil and natural gas profits into the Development Fund for Iraq, and for oversight of the fund by the International Advisory and Monitoring Board. . . .


Seumas Milne, "The UN, a Fig Leaf for War," Guardian, January 16, 2003

[. . . fewer than one per cent think Allied military involvement is helping to improve security in their country.-- Sean Rayment, "Iraqis Support Attacks on British Troops," Telegraph, October 23, 2005]

[Administration officials said they are seeking the resolution now to spare a new government the politically challenging burden of explicitly approving the continued presence of foreign troops in Iraq. They also hope a U.N. mandate authorizing troops through 2006 would encourage the United States' coalition partners to remain in Iraq, and would avoid a potentially contentious battle within the Security Council next year over whether to renew the authorization even though a new Iraqi government has taken power.--Colum Lynch and Bradley Graham, "U.N. Approval Sought To Extend Iraq Stay," Washington Post, November 8, 2005]

Hassan M. Fattah, "Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout," New York Times, November 22, 2005

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