November 26, 2008

The Obama Letdown

by Michael Hudson

Barack Obama was elected with overwhelming approval to inaugurate an era of change. And at his November 25 press conference, he said that his decisive victory gave him a mandate to change the direction in which America is moving. But his recent economic and foreign policy appointments make it clear that when he chose "change" as his campaign slogan, he was NOT referring to the financial, insurance and real estate (FIRE) sectors, nor to foreign policy. These are where the vested interests concentrate their wealth and power. And change already has been accelerating here. Unfortunately, its direction has been for the top 1% of America's population to raise their share of in the returns to wealth from 37% ten years ago to 57% five years ago and an estimated nearly 70% today.

The change that Mr. Obama is talking about is largely marginal to this wealth, not touching its economic substance - or its direction. No doubt he will bring about a welcome change in race relations, environmental regulations, and a more civil rule of law. And he probably will give wage earners an income-tax break (thereby enabling them to keep on paying their bank debts, incidentally). As for the rich, they prefer not to earn income in the first place. Taxes need to be paid on income, so they take their returns in the form of capital gains. And simply avoiding losses is the order of the day in the present meltdown.

Where losses cannot be avoided, the government will bail out the rich on their financial investments, but not wage earners on their debts. On that Friday night last October when Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain held their final debate, Mr. Obama was fully on board with the bailouts. And this week's appointment of the "Yeltsin" team who sponsored Russia's privatization giveaways in the mid-1990s - Larry Summers and his proteges from the Clinton's notorious Robert Rubin regime - shows that he knows his place when it comes to the proper relationship between a political candidate and his major backers. It is to protect the vested interests first of all, while focusing voters' attention on policies whose main appeal is their ability to distract attention from the fact that no real change is being made at the economic core and its power relationships.

This is not what most people hoped for. But their hopes were so strong that it was easier to indulge in happy dreams and put one's faith in a prince than to look at the systemic problems that need to be restructured in order for real change to occur. Individuals do not determine who owes what to whom, who is employed by whom or what laws govern their work and investment. Institutional economic and political structures are the key. And somehow the focus has been on the politics of personalities, not on the economic forces at work.

This is as true abroad as it is in the United States. Two weeks ago I was at an economic meeting on "financialization" in Germany. Most of the attendees with whom I spoke expressed the hope - indeed, almost a smug conviction - that Obama would be like Gorbachev in Russia: a man who saw the need for deep structural change but chose to bide his time, seeming to "play the game" with the protective coloration of going along, but then introducing a revolutionary reform program once in office.

Instead, after resembling President Carter by running a brilliant presidential primary campaign to win the nomination (will a similarly disappointing administration be about to come?), Obama is looking more like Boris Yeltsin - a political umbrella for the kleptocrats to whom the public domain and decades of public wealth were given with no quid pro quo.

Obama's ties with the Yeltsin administration are as direct as could be. He has appointed as his economic advisors the same anti-labor, pro-financial team that brought the kleptocrats to power in Russia in the mid-1990s. . . .


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[But what lifted those reports last weekend out of the routine is the simple fact that for the first time the air strikes occurred on President Obama's watch. . . .

My heart sank. It absolutely sank. It had been very high. I had been, like I think the rest of the country, feeling immensely encouraged and inspired by this new administration and by the energy and vigor with which he began. And then comes this piece of old stuff on approach to a complicated question that in comes in the form of a bomb and a bomb in the most dangerous of all places. And, yeah, my heart sank, literally.--"Bill Moyer's Journal,", January 30, 2009]

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[Obama's Iraq plan is virtually identical to the one on Bush's table on January 19, 2009. Obama has just rebranded the occupation, sold it to liberals and dropped the term "Global War on Terror" while, for all practical purposes, continuing the Bush era policy (that's why leading Republicans praised Obama's plan). In the real world, US military commanders have said they are preparing for an Iraq presence for another 15-20 years, the US embassy is the size of Vatican City, there is no official plan for the withdrawal of contractors and new corporate mercenary contracts are being awarded. The SoFA Agreement between the US and Iraq gives the US the right to extend the occupation indefinitely and to continue intervening militarily in Iraq ad infinitum. All it takes is for the puppets in Baghdad to ask nicely.--Jeremy Scahill, "Obama's Iraq: The Picture of Dorian Gray,", April 28, 2009]

[In his first 100 days, Obama has excused torture, opposed habeas corpus, and demanded more secret government. He has kept Bush's gulag intact and at least 17,000 prisoners beyond the reach of justice. On April 24, his lawyers won an appeal that ruled Guantanamo prisoners were not "persons" and therefore had no right not to be tortured. His national intelligence director, Adm. Dennis Blair, says he believes torture works. One of his senior officials in Latin America is accused of covering up the torture of an American nun in Guatemala; another is a Pinochet apologist. As Daniel Ellsberg has pointed out, America experienced a military coup under Bush, whose secretary of "defense," Robert Gates, along with the same warmaking officials, have been retained by Obama.--John Pilger, "Obama's First 100 Days: The Madmen Did Well,", April 29, 2009]

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[Parts of his plan would threaten the very foundation of our legal system - that no one should be held in custody if he has committed no crime.--Marjorie Cohn, "Obama's Guantanamo Appeasement Plan,", May 27, 2009]

[Not only did Obama keep on Robert Gates as defense secretary; he retained the secretary of the Army, Pete Geren - another star of the Christian Embassy video, who also, in commencement remarks at West Point last year, characterized America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as struggles for religious freedom against the "darkness and oppression" of radical Islam - and also appointed as his national security adviser the retired Marine general James Jones, a regular on the prayer breakfast circuit. Nobody believes the new president shares Bush's religious sentiments, but clearly he is willing to shave constitutional protections in exchange for evangelical peace.--Jeff Sharlet, "Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military," Harpers, May 2009]

[ . . . what we're seeing, under President Barack Obama, is sort of old wine in a new bottle. Obama is sending one message to the world, but the reality on the ground, particularly when it comes to private military contractors, is that the status quo remains from the Bush era. Right now there are 250 thousand contractors fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's about 50 percent of the total US fighting force. Which is very similar to what it was under Bush. In Iraq, President Obama has 130 thousand contractors. And we just saw a 23 percent increase in the number of armed contractors in Iraq. In Afghanistan there's been a 29 percent increase in armed contractors. So the radical privatization of war continues unabated under Barack Obama.--"Bill Moyers Journal, Jeremy Scahill,", June 5, 2009]

[Like any other president before him, . . . President Obama is not going to limit his presidential powers when it comes to this draconian absolute executive power.--Sibel Edmonds, "The Battle Against the State Secrets Privilege,", June 9, 2009]

[President Obama justifiably reminded his audience at the National Archives that the last administration left the country with a terrible, and terribly complicated, legal mess. His personal commitment to the rule of law cannot be doubted. Nonetheless, unless his administration explains why specific cases cannot be prosecuted in the federal courts, it will have done no better than its predecessor on a pivotal threshold issue.--Eugene R. Fidell, "The Trouble With Tribunals," New York Times, June 13, 2009]

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[Since 1945, by deed and by example, the US has overthrown 50 governments, including democracies, crushed some 30 liberation movements

. . . while liberals now celebrate America's return to its "moral ideals", they are silent on a venerable taboo. This is the true role of Americanism: an ideology distinguished by its myths and the denial that it exists. President Obama is its embodiment.--John Pilger, "Mourn on the fourth of July,", July 9, 2009]

[Hence Biden and Clinton's mutinies, conducted on behalf of the Israel lobby and designed to seize administration policy as Obama's popularity weakens. . . . As Thalheimer's Law decrees. All policy is domestic.--Alexander Cockburn, "The Biden and Clinton Mutinies,", July 31, 2009]

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[The Obama administration has clung for so long to the Bush administration's expansive claims of national security and executive power that it is in danger of turning President George W. Bush's cover-up of abuses committed in the name of fighting terrorism into President Barack Obama's cover-up.--Editorial, "The Cover-Up Continues," New York Times, October 26, 2009]

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[Once a person has been named an enemy combatant, according to the Bush Administration - and now to the Obama Administration - he has no rights. He can be held without charges forever, tortured, you name it - well, actually, the president or the secretary of defense names it.

In the second covert executive order, Bush authorized the CIA to target and assassinate said "enemy combatants" - again, including American citizens.--Ted Rall, "OBAMA'S REAL DEATH PANELS,", October 27, 2009]

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[Bush employed drone strikes 45 times in his eight years as president. In Obama's first year in office, the drones were sent in 53 times.--Fatima Bhutto, "Pakistan elites turn blind eye to war,", December 11, 2010]

[The Bush administration's "targeted killing" program has been radically expanded to include Americans far from any war zone. . . .

Obama's doctrine enabling the targeted killing of American citizens is at least as much an assassination of the Constitution as anything George W. Bush perpetrated.--James Bovard, "Assassin Nation: Obama's 'don't ask, don't tell' test for killing Americans,", December 2010]

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[Line up Obama with his fellow assassins, from Eisenhower through Bush, and I believe he's the most repellent of the bunch, down there with Woodrow Wilson. None of his rivals quite match the instinctive egotism that allows Obama effortlessly to affect the earnestness of a man taking the moral high road while executing a cynical program of electioneering-by-assassination.--Alexander Cockburn, "Hairy-Chested Liberals Exult: Big Question, Who Do We Kill Next?,", May 13, 2011]

[The New Yorker magazine reports, the Obama administration has used the Espionage Act of 1917 to press criminal charges in five alleged instances of national security leaks - more such prosecutions than have occurred in all previous administrations combined. Gabriel Schoenfeld of the Hudson Institute said, "Ironically, Obama has presided over the most draconian crackdown on leaks in our history - even more so than Nixon."--"Inside Obama's 'Orwellian World' Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake,", May 18, 2011]

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[In his inaugural address, Obama promised "not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth." He promised to "build the roads and bridges, the electric grids, and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together." He promised to "restore science to its rightful place and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its cost." And he promised to "transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age." Unfortunately the president's scorecard on every single one of those bold pledges is pitiful.--Niall Ferguson, "Obama's Gotta Go,", August 19, 2012]

[1) Health care, in which Obama savaged the single-payer system, thus preparing the way for the same on the public option, meanwhile silencing, or rather, delegitimating all dissident voices, at the same time as exempting health insurers from antitrust prosecution and favoring Big Pharma; 2) Civil liberties, a good litmus test of democratic governance, in which Obama's Department of Justice argued against granting habeas corpus rights to detainees, invoked the Espionage Act against whistleblowers, carried surveillance beyond that of previous administrations, with the National Security Agency one of the culprits practicing the black magic of eavesdropping, while renditions and “black holes” continue and even agencies like FDA spy on its employees; 3) militarism, from which foreign policy, including trade policy, cannot be excluded, in which the drone–as Obama's signature weapon–terrorizes whole populations reeking destruction from the skies, naval power displayed from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean, a whole new generation of nuclear weapons in the pipeline (exempt from potential budgetary sequestration), a military budget itself second to none, and what appears to be a permanent state of war; 4) the omissions, which by their absence speak volumes about the purposes and policies of his administration, in which job creation and foreclosures have not been addressed, climate change, wholly disappeared, gun control, nonexistent, poverty never, never mentioned, and business and banking regulation the compounding of phoniness on phoniness, not unexpected considering Obama's belief in deregulation and bringing in the Clinton-Rubin crowd of free marketeers.--Norman Pollack, "America on the Cusp of Fascism: Under the Cloak of Liberalism,", October 12, 2012]

Dave Lindorff, "Obama's Betrayals: First the Base, Then the Party,", October 23, 2012

Joel Mathis, "President Obama's Betrayal of Civil Liberties Is Complete,", June 6, 2013

Irish Politician Blasts President Obama, Calling Him A War Criminal, June 20, 2013

[This is the same Obama who promised to close the Guantanamo Torture Prison, but did not; the same Obama who promised to tell us the purpose for Washington's decade-long war in Afghanistan, but did not; the same Obama who promised to end the wars, but started new ones; the same Obama who said he stood for the US Constitution, but shredded it; the same Obama who refused to hold the Bush regime accountable for its crimes against law and humanity; the same Obama who unleashed drones against civilian populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen; the same Obama who claimed and exercised power to murder US citizens without due process and who continues the Bush regime's unconstitutional practice of violating habeas corpus and detaining US citizens indefinitely; the same Obama who promised transparency but runs the most secretive government in US history.--Paul Craig Roberts, "Stasi in the White House,", June 21, 2013]

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