[Received via email from Amaresh Misra on November 29, 2008]

	Doubts and People

	Some people have raised doubts about the `theory' I
	am circulating supposedly on the net. They have
	every right to question and doubt anyone and
	anything. After all doubt is the mother of all
	kinds of right thinking.

	I have recevied dead threats, hate mails--but more,
	I have received praises for courage and conviction.

	I am not surprised and I do not mind people
	ridiculing me or anyone else--but I do mind when
	that ridicule actually goes a long way in hiding
	the hypocrisy and criminal face/intent of several
	prominent politicians and corporate figures.

	Yes--corporate figures as well; what people do not
	understand is that in complex situations such as
	the Mumbai terror attack, new lines of thought will
	emerge as more facts emerge. But that should not
	stop anyone from offering critiques of the official
	or media version.

	My initial theory that basically the Sangh Parivar
	elements instigated the terror attacks is stronger
	now. In fact more than the Sangh Parivar, it was
	Modi--yes he is the new, modern face of Indian
	fascism. He is the one to have a cozy relationship
	with Ratan Tata, one of the most ruthless and
	anti-Indian business man, whose family earned its
	money while smuggling opium to China during the
	19th century, and sided with the British in 1857,
	when 10 million Indians, Hindus and Muslims, lost
	their lives fighting the British.

	In fact, Modi has left the RSS behind in many
	ways--he is Mossad's number one man. Recently, a
	top RSS functionary told me that "Amaresh we have
	lost control over out cadres. We never wanted to
	let things get out of hand in Orissa and Karnataka.
	In Orissa, we had even planned a joint declaration
	with Christian leaders. But there was a revolt from
	below. The VHP and Bajrang Dal refused to fall in
	line. Then they got the subtle support of that man
	Modi. We were helpless".

	Basically, the RSS lost control over the
	Frankestein they created.

	In Modi's form this Frankestein struck a deal with
	Mossad--now remember Mossad has links in the
	faction torn ISI--remember also that several
	`Jihadi' groups, in Pakistan, Afghanistan  and the
	Middle-East are still remote comtrolled by either
	the Mossad or the CIA. In a recent case, a Muslim
	`Jihadi' organization in Yemen was found to be a
	Mossad set-up.

	That is why it is possible the several young men
	who attacked Mumbai used Pakistan as a base. But
	their nationality is varied. Some might be Muslims
	from the UK as well; at least there is one with a
	Mauritius passport.

	Now it is coming to the fore that someone from
	Saudi Arabia (called Maulana Bedi for now) 
	probably collected and sent these `Jihadis'. That
	mastermind must have been paid by an Indian/Modi
	interest. These masterminds have no ideology. They
	are creations of America who now work for money,
	and even against American interests. This is again
	a complex but stark reality.

	Also Nanda, the owner of Oberoi, is a close friend
	of Modi. He has millions invested in Gujarat. How
	come terrorists were holed up in Taj and Oberoi for
	days before the operation? How come arms and
	ammunition were stored for days in the two 5 star
	Hotels? Can the common man do this? Is all this
	possible without some sort of a connivance (known
	or unknown) of Hotel authorities? And is it too
	incredible to suppose that Hotel owners will not,
	knowingly or unknowingly, encourage the destruction
	of their own property? Taj maybe great for us--but
	what is its emotional or financial value for Tata?
	Modi's acceptance of the Nano plant in Gujarat on
	extremely favorable terms might be more important
	for Tata.

	I leave this aspect to you all.

	Coming to the Nariman House, I am really surprised
	at the perception that why would a Mossad backed
	operation kill Jews? Why not? In any case Mossad
	backs aggressive Zionism, which is very much a
	modern religo-fascist ideology like Hindutva.
	Zionism is not part of Judaism, just as Hindutva is
	not part of Sanatan Dharma, the real religion of
	Hindus. In the Praggya Singh affair, Sanatan
	Dharmis opposed Hindutva especially when they were
	maligning Hemant Karkare.

	So Mossad and Zionists are known to have killed
	ordinary Jews--after all Hindutva ideology killed
	Mahatama Gandhi--can anyone deny that? Also Modi
	without a qualm masterminded the killing of several
	of his own people in the Godhara train incident, in
	order the create the atmosphere for large scale
	anti-Muslim and anti-India riots.

	Remember evil thrives in the world because the
	`good' lacks imagination. Evil triumphs because it
	is capable of out-thinking `good'.

	Those who call themselves supporters of Modi and
	Advani, they are also supporters of the killers of
	Gandhi. Hindutva ideology and politics since its
	inception has been opposed to the idea of a secular
	Indian nation-state since 1947. They staged an
	uprising against Indian state in 1947; proof exists
	that Golwalkar the RSS chief was hand in glove with
	the British army in carrying out anti-Muslim
	attacks. This was brought to the notice of
	Rajeshwar Dayal, the then Home Secretary of the
	United Provinves (present day UP) who took the case
	to Govind Ballabh Pant, the the then UP Chief

	Muslims who stayed back in India after 1947 did so
	because of choice. There was an acute polarization
	within Muslims between Jinnah and the Muslim League
	on one side and the Muslim Ulema and its supporters
	who sided with the Congress.

	Karkare's death

	Now the Karkare incident--two versions are already
	coming out. It is unclear how he was killed--and
	foul play is suspected. Karkare's mother came onto
	TV and wanted to know how her son was killed.
	Salaskar's cousin raised the same issue.

	So the relatives of the brave martyrs are asking
	for justice. They feel that there is more than
	meets the eye--and that somehow Karkare's death,
	and that of Kaamte and Salaskar, was related to the
	Malegaon blast investigation conducted by Karkare.

	Why has Karkare's son refused the 1 crore announced
	by Modi? The latter came to Oberoi when the firing
	was still on; he made a very petty statement
	disliked by everyone. Modi was probably feeling
	that he had pulled off an ace by triggering this
	crisis just before elections in Madhya Pradesh,
	Rajasthan and Delhi, areas in which the BJP was
	clearly losing before the terror attacks.

	Think--the boat to Mumbai could not have come
	without the co-operation of the Gujarat Government!

	The fact is that Hindutva forces who were
	castigating Karkare and the entire Mumbai ATS team
	as villains and `enemies of Hindus' are now
	suddenly hailing them as heroes? What double
	standards man--people have send me mails, saying
	that they support Advani and Modi. All these people
	are supporting the killing of Karkare, just as they
	supported the killing of Gandhi.

	Karkare and Kaamte were true Hindus and the most
	secular elements within the strife-torn, and highly
	communal Mumbai Police. They were men of
	integrity--how come Karkare died while wearing a
	bullet proof vest? Or like Sharma in the Batala
	House encounter, was he not wearing that vest? Was
	he shot in the heart or the neck? Probably we will
	never know.

	But we should know--we have a right to know.
	Karkare was hated by Hindutva elements. And they
	masterminded his killing--they are responsible.
	Karkare is a great hero, a martyr in the cause of

	Modi, Advani and all the anti-Sanatani Hindus
	posing as Hindus on the net have a distorted mind.
	In their blind or soft anti-Muslim hatred, they are
	unable to see how, to suppress the Malegaon Blast
	investigation, in which Karkare was about to take
	the name of Praveen Togadia and even Chota Rajan,
	Karkare was eliminated.

	Communal forces backed by foreign agencies are hell
	bent on destroying India--America wants to
	dismember Pakistan, gherao China etc. and for that
	it needs India firmly in the US-Israel orbit. That
	is why Americans, British and Israelis were
	targeted. Nariman House was a hub where according
	to eyewitness reports, several suspicious Israelis
	were seen coming and out; it is possible that these
	people were involved in the terror attacks and that
	they killed their own people.

	The Mumbai terror attacks were a gigantic exercise,
	a fight between those forces within the Indian
	establishment who want to take India towards the
	dangerous and suicidal US-Israel nexus and those
	who want India to stay Independent and have good
	relations with Pakistan, China and Iran.

	Everyone in this battle would not everything or all
	the countours. But the pattern is becoming clear
	slowly and steadily.

	Indian nationalism has to be redefined--India's
	slow drift towards a pro-US and a pro-Israel policy
	and towards Hindutva gives the ground for people
	like Maulana Bedi and Mossad to attack India. India
	has to go back to the anti-Imperialist,
	Hindu-Muslim unity, anti-Hindutva 1857 nationalism.

	Why were the 1857 150th anniversary celebrations
	downplayed in India? Why was my book on 1857
	downplayed? Because the pro-US and pro-Israel lobby
	did not want 1857, the nodal point of true Indian
	nationalism to resurrect.

	Think...just think...we owe this to Karkare and all
	brave NSG men and army men...

	Thanks to Bush, global terrorism has become an
	industry, a money making machine. It has other
	phenomenon like outsourcing war and terror to
	mercenaries attached to it. Mossad excels in
	forming armies of private mercenaries and
	destablizing states the world over. Just go to the
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