August 22, 2009
New Liberian

AFRICOM: African Security or Western Interests?

by Paul I. Adujie

America's establishment of the so-called African Command (AFRICOM), should be seen for what it is: America's self-interested armada of protection for America, and her allies and not for Africa's security. Africa has steadily and increasingly become more important by playing the role for Westerners as repository of energy resources which powers the engine-rooms of Western economies. . . .

Westerners have only been in exploitation mode and Africa as the butt of their dinner jokes, bluntly put. China on the other hand is, practical, engaged and straightforward. When was the last time the United States invited African leaders together to a joint summit or conference on economic, strategic or military cooperation?

China has over the years sent almost 20,000 medical doctors into many nations on the African continent. Beyond that, China has given loans, guaranteed loans for infrastructure development for African nations. China has been engaged, as well, in the direct creation of public infrastructures in some African nations. . . .


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