November 16, 2015
The Wisdom Fund

So What Is Paris All About?

by Syed A. R. Zaidi

The Anglo-Zionist empire that runs the world out of the United States has a cluster of agendas and constituencies, not all of them in congruence. Some of the agendas have come up against recalcitrant reality and call for adjustment. Such is the doctrine of full-spectrum dominance, put forward by Wolfowitz over a decade ago -- that the United States shall not allow any other nation to rise to the level of regional hegemony.

The countries of Europe (with the notable exception of Iceland) have surrendered their sovereignties to the United States. But Russia and China refuse to follow that lead. So, first, Russia has to be tamed -- eventually to be broken up and the parts digested. Its main source of income is gas and petroleum. The American takeover of Ukraine was designed to stop the sale of Russian gas to Europe. And the war to destroy Syria is part of the same game, to enable pipelines from Qatar (and Israel) to supply Europe instead.

John McCain with Free Syrian Army chiefs

The destruction of Syria was within reach when Putin turned the tables with his bombers, claiming, disarmingly, to be just helping the West do its professed job. ISIS is clearly a creature of the empire, with top people of ISIS the direct hirelings of the CIA. (see photos of Senator John McCain with Free Syrian Army chiefs) The horror -- some of it fake, such as the chopping of white heads -- is part of the design. So America was caught flat-footed when Russia set out -- with great effect so far, in just weeks -- to do what the Americans had been pretending to do for over a year. (One Russian source pointed out that a place near the border of Jordan where there is nothing of any consequence was a major dropping place of American bombs.)

The empire was flummoxed, not knowing how to get back into the game of destroying Syria by pretending to fight Daesh. Paris was designed (at least in part) as an answer to that problem.

That is why reports (there are no videos, oddly, for an event that would have had hundreds of recordings on cellphones), reports from Paris say one of the 'killers' shouted "Syria, Syria" and not just "Allahu akbar". And one miraculous passport that survived the blow-up of its 'suicide bomber' owner was Syrian -- but a fake one, as it turns out. Like 9/11 there were two miraculous passports. Odd how these characters carry passports.

Like so many false flag terror events, some of the ever-recurring cast of 'crisis actors' apparently managed to show up in Paris -- from America. There are already videos on YouTube identifying some of them.

And like 9/11 and, best of all, the London 7/7 bombings, there was a 'drill', a crisis exercise, covering exactly the events that transpired. For example, in the morning of the event all the hospitals in Paris had been told to drill the arrival of injured from all over Paris.

Here and here are links by the great American dissident, Paul Craig Roberts, that bear on this. The first is to a video by someone else, and the second his rumination on the meaning of Paris. (See some of the other videos listed on the same YouTube page as well.) And here is a link to a blogger who sees some oddities in the scene at the Bataclan theatre -- this has a disturbing picture of the all-too-real bodies.

So, if we can put together so much of the story in just a couple of days with a little help from our friends, imagine what the professional spies that work for Russia had got wind of.

That is why Britain's Daily Mail reported with horror a few days ago that Russia has deployed the S-400 missile system over Syria and beyond. This is the most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system in the world, capable of seeing and shooting down even stealth aircraft going almost at ground level at the speed of road traffic, and also capable of knocking down aircraft at 100,000 feet from a range of 400 kilometres -- which, in this case, means over half of Israel. The deployment was confirmed by Col Cassad, a Russian military insider in good standing with the government, but it was officially denied, no doubt on a technicality, by Russia.

We can see now why Russia needed that system in place. Here is a report from the time of the Paris atrocity by the blogger who writes at Sherrie Questioning All:

John Kerry is on TV right now on France24 declaring war on Syria and the terrorist[s] inside. Saying everyone needs to join the fight inside Syria and get Assad ([whom] he calls dictator) out at same time.

He is saying due to the Paris Attack the U.S. now needs to go to war inside Syria and giving it 6 months to get Assad out.

We now know why the Paris Attack happened. Saying there needs to be a cease fire immediately.

In other words Russia has to stop bombing the terrorist[s], that is who they are calling [upon] for a cease fire.

Saying UN needs to take over Syria right away and monitor all going on.

Says UN is going to accelerate the cease fire.

Seems to me he was threatening Russia at the same time.

And here is a statement by the respected anonymous military analyst and Russia expert who blogs under the name of The Vineyard Saker:

While it is way too early to come to any conclusions about what really happened in Paris, I want to share the following thought with you: President Hollande has just declared that what took place was an act of war. This, in turn, means that the entire NATO alliance could be called in to respond to this (under Article 5). As for the attackers, already one Syrian passport was found, and witnesses say that one of them screamed "for Syria" before opening fire. In other words, this attack has just given NATO a pretext to intervene in Syria. Last, but not least, the only French aircraft carrier was scheduled to leave its port this Wednesday. For the Middle-East, precisely.

Dr. Syed A. R. Zaidi is a retired professor of philosophy, University of Delhi, India.

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[But the everlasting truth is that the relative handful of suicidal jihadi who have perpetrated murderous episodes of terror like 9/11 [sic] and this weekend's carnage in Paris did not exist in November 1989; and they would not be marauding the West today save for the unrelenting arrogance, stupidity, duplicity and mendacity of Imperial Washington.--David Stockman, "Blowback -- The Washington War Party's Folly Comes Home To Roost,", November 16, 2015]

[“Most of the foreign belligerents in the war in Syria are gas-exporting countries with interests in one of the two competing pipeline projects that seek to cross Syrian territory to deliver either Qatari or Iranian gas to Europe,”--Nafeez Ahmed, "Why France’s brave new war on ISIS is a sick joke, and an insult to the victims of the Paris attacks,", November 19, 2015]

VIDEO: "He peppered a mosque with bullets - and his life changed,", October 13, 2017

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