June 19, 2019
The Intercept

Donald Trump, Iran: Gulf of Tonkin Redux

by Jeremy Scahill

As the U.S. accuses Iran of attacking civilian ships while offering scant evidence, grave historical parallels are emerging with the Gulf of Tonkin incidents in 1964 that were manipulated to justify Lyndon Johnson's dramatic escalation of the war in Vietnam. California Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna is preparing legislation aimed at stopping an attack on Iran, and he says he would not put it past national security adviser John Bolton to manipulate evidence. . . .


Non-Proliferation Treaty (July 1, 1968)
- Forbids the five member states with nuclear weapons from transferring them to any other state
- Forbids member states without nuclear weapons from developing or aquiring them
- Provides assurance through the application of international safeguards that peaceful nuclear energy in NNWS will not be diverted to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices
- Facilitates access to peaceful uses of nuclear energy for all NNWS under international safeguards
- Commits all member states to pursue good faith negotiations toward ending the nuclear arms race and achieving nuclear disarmament.

Juan Cole, "Iran has US Surrounded, All Right,", December 12, 2011

[JCPOA imposes more restrictions on Iranian enrichment capabilities and stockpiles, and on inspection and monitoring of compliance, than has been imposed on any country in the course of the entire nuclear era.--"Iran Nuclear Deal Emerges," The Wisdom Fund, October 16, 2013]

"Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2018," Congressional Research Service, December 28, 2018

[The Japanese owner of a tanker attacked in the Gulf of Oman claimed Friday that it was struck by a flying projectile, contradicting reports by U.S. officials and the military on the source of the blast.--Linda Givetash and Arata Yamamoto, "Japanese tanker owner contradicts U.S. officials over explosives used in Gulf of Oman attack,", June 14, 2019]

Jon Gambrell, "Oil tanker attacks echo Persian Gulf's 1980s 'Tanker War',", June 14, 2019

[The Iranians certainly have a strange method of bomb disposal if they carry it out using unarmoured personnel, with as many as possible crammed into a small boat in immediate contact with the "mine."--Craig Murray, "The Ugly View of Western Democracy,", June 18, 2019]

"Factbox: The Global Hawk drone shot down by Iran,", June 20, 2019

Chad Garland, "Iran attack marks first known successful strike on high-flying Global Hawk drone,", June 20, 2019

[shutting down the Strait of Hormuz would destroy the American economy by detonating the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market; and that would collapse the world banking system, crushing the world's $80 trillion GDP and causing an unprecedented depression.--Pepe Escobar, "Iran goes for 'maximum counter-pressure',", June 20, 2019]

[Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) aerospace force, posed with debris that officials said was pulled from the sea near the Straits of Hormuz--Richard Sisk, "Iran Makes Show of Drone Wreckage After Trump Calls Off Retaliatory Strike,", June 21, 2019]

[U.S. and Iran are parties to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, which provides "that every State has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory."--Marjorie Cohn, "Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone,", June 21, 2019]

"US must act responsibly to protect lives of its forces: Senior Iranian commander,", June 23, 2019

Khury Petersen-Smith, "Iran's Not the Aggressor -- The US Is,", July 17, 2019

Seyed Mohammad Marandi, "A US Led Naval Coalition In The Persian Gulf Will Raise The Threat Of War,", July 17, 2019

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