Muslims, October 4, 2002
	p. 10 (Editorial page) 
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	The War On Islam 
	Author: Enver Masud
	Publisher: The Wisdom Fund 

	By Ayesha Holden

	This week I wish to review a book titled The
	War On lslam by Enver Masud. I consider this
	to be an important book of historical
	significance, containing both a critique and
	answers to the blank pages of the cover-ups of
	the mainstream press. Readers of most
	newspapers and viewers of American TV are not
	given the whole story of so many events around
	the  world, that the very phrase "mainstream
	press" usually means that the news has been
	processed to suit the interest; of the
	powerful, who control "the media."

	I was impressed that Enver Masud is an author
	well qualified to fill in some of the blanks
	in the report, on the events that have
	occurred in the last eleven plus years of the
	"War on Islam" that the book is about. The son
	of a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia who had
	worked for India's independence, Masud was an
	immigrant who is an engineering graduate of
	the University of Oklahoma. His background
	includes travel and work as an energy and
	management consultant in many countries with
	Muslim majorities. After the Gulf War he was
	left with numerous unanswered questions about
	the "half truths and perhaps outright lies"
	that were presented by the media to support
	official U.S. positions.

	The preface of The War On Islam describes some
	of the questions that concerned the author and
	urged him on: "Were Iraq and 'Islamic
	Terrorism' the threat they were nude out to
	be? Why were the 'rogue states!' so described?
	What was this New World Order?" Then Masud
	began to present an alternative view, writing
	and publishing more objective and balanced
	perspectives about the war on Islam that are
	usually missing from major U.S. media and that
	would alert both Muslims and non-Muslims to
	the tactics that are used to divide them. As
	time went on, the author developed the means
	to reach broader audiences for his views on
	the subject of the War on Islam' when he
	founded The Wisdom Fund and its web site at
	www.twf org.

	The book The War On Islam is a collection of
	105 articles written by Enver Masud during the
	eventful years that began with the Gulf War.
	Article 105 is entitled "Attack on America,"
	which refers to the plane crashes into the
	World Trade Center in New York. In this
	chapter, Masud brings out the report by the
	Army School of Advanced Military Studies which
	said that the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence
	service, "Has capability to target U.S. forces
	and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."
	Masud comments that this, coupled with the
	arrest of dozens of suspected Israeli spies,
	as well as reports that several of the alleged
	Arab hijackers of the planes that struck the
	WTC were still alive.

	This of course, helped cause confusion and
	fueled alternative theories. The author notes
	that the rogue state "par excellence" is
	actually the United States. He documents the
	events and actions carried out by the U.S.:
	its refusal to abide by international laws and
	treaties, and its "violation of the norms of
	civil society" while hypocritically making
	these same allegations against states such as
	Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya, Syria, and North
	Korea. In their daily lives, Americans are
	relentlessly subjected to anti-Muslim
	indoctrination, it seems to the author of The
	War On Islam. It is stereotyped in America's
	movies and in sound bites on the TV.
	Newspapers headline anti-Muslim sIants on news
	and politicians self-righteously demonize

	A book like this is desperately needed in the
	warmongering climate of today. The facts of
	many troubling conflicts around the world are
	laid out clearly, and substantiated with
	dates, names, and circumstances. If you have
	read only the "prescribed" news of the
	controlled media (Government spokesmen told us
	they intended to do this!) then no doubt you
	will appreciate a balanced and thoughtful new
	view about the conflicts and unhappy events
	troubling our world. Readers will benefit from
	this new look at old news, and this time, they
	will be armed with the truth.

	Don't neglect to carefully read the
	appendices; they contain extra ammunition for
	your true-facts quiver.

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