(Thursday, February 12, 2003) 
	We at Safe World Productions are working on an
	ambitious 8-hour series, called "Avoiding
	Armageddon," an eight-hour documentary series
	commissioned by Ted Turner Documentaries, LLC
	and scheduled to air in the United States on
	PBS (public television) and around the world
	beginning in April, 2003. The series, and
	accompanying book, will closely examine
	mankind1s development and deployment of
	weapons of mass destruction, as well as the
	political, social and cultural components that
	inform our understanding of these issues.  We
	will take the time to go beyond politics and
	examine the human elements of conflict and
	conflict resolution.  What impels a young
	person to take up violence?  What can citizens
	of the world do in their own lives to lessen
	the danger of Armageddon in our time?  These
	and other issues are explored in depth in this
	major documentary series.

	A while back, I read parts of your book "The
	War on Islam."  And, if I recall correctly,
	you spoke last summer at a local Barnes and
	Nobles, but I missed it.

	I believe your perspective is critical to
	understanding how US foreign policy
	contributes to the cycle of violence, how our
	policies and actions are seen by people on the
	ground in the Arab world, and the
	shortsightedness of the current "war on
	terror" being waged by the Bush

	You seem to be the ideal person to address
	such issues and that is why we would be
	extremely honored if you agreed to a brief on
	camera interview for our series.

	Unfortunately, we are working under a tight
	deadline and would like to do this interview
	sometime in the next week, if possible.

	Please let me know if you are willing to grant
	this interview and whether your schedule would
	permit it next week.

	I would be happy to call if you tell me a
	convenient time and number.

	Thank you for your time and consideration...I
	look forward to hearing from you soon.

	(Thursday, February 13, 2003) 
	Thank you so much for getting back to us.  We
	are thrilled that you are willing to be
	interviewed.  I am trying to coordinate the
	schedule of 6 interviewees and it is getting
	very complicated.  I will be in touch as soon
	as I can with the proposal of a date.  And we
	can take it from there.

	Thank you for informing me of your talk at
	Temple U.  It sounds very interesting, but I
	am afraid we are just too busy to attend.  I
	wish you the best of luck with that.

	Thank you for your patience...I will be in
	touch as soon as I can.  We look forward to
	meeting you soon.

	(Friday, February 14, 2003) 
	Would you be available on Tuesday, Feb. 25th
	for an interview in our Dupont Circle studios?

	Please let me know...and what times of day are
	most convenient.

	I look forward to hearing from you.

	ENVER MASUD (Saturday, February 15, 2003) 
	Feb 26 at your studio is fine, but first I
	would like to know: the scope of the interview
	the participants (I hope it's not like a
	Lester Holt/Frank Luntz affair).

	(Tuesday, February 18, 2003)

	Thank you for your response.

	I am a little confused--I inquired whether you
	were available on the 25th (Tuesday), but you
	responded that the 26th is fine.  Do you mean
	the 25th is ok?  Please let me know.

	Because of the weather, I am still snowed in
	and unable to get to the office.  I hope to be
	there tomorrow and I will send you a little
	more info on the scope of our project.

	Rest assured that your interview will be
	one-on-one with a producer or associate
	producer, you will not be part of a panel.

	I will be in touch tomorrow.

	For my files, could you please send me your
	telephone number in case I need to contact

	(Wednesday, February 19, 2003) 
	As for the scope of the interview, we would
	like you primarily to address the following
	sorts of issues: What do you think is the
	source of anti-American sentiment in the
	Muslim and Arab world?; Do you think there is
	a perception that we are at war with Islam?;
	How does US foreign policy contributes to the
	cycle of violence?; How are our policies and
	actions seen by people on the ground in the
	Arab world?; What sort of a Muslim is Osama
	bin Laden (Islamist? Salafi? or other?)?; What
	are the sources of resentment of those who
	consider him a hero?

	I hope that gives you a good idea.  Our show
	aims to go beyond the news by trying to raise
	issues that remain in large part unaddressed.
	We look forward to your perspective on the
	roles we play in perpetuating the cycles of
	hatred and violence.

	Tentatively, would 1 pm work for you on
	Tuesday?  We are at Dupont Circle (directions
	will follow).

	ENVER MASUD (Wednesday, February 19, 2003) 
	1:00 pm Tuesday is fine, so is the scope.

	(Wednesday, February 19, 2003) 
	Here are directions for next Tuesday, the

	The Studio is at Interface Media: 1233 20th
	Street, NW  (on 20th, between M and N Streets)
	Washington DC, 20036

	If you are coming by metro, get off at the
	Dupont Circle Stop and take the South Exit
	(not the Q Street exit to the North).  This
	will put you on 19th Street.  Walk down 19th,
	make a right on N Street and then make a left
	onto 20th.

	The main office entrance is on the Lobby
	Level.  After you sign in with the guard,
	enter the Interface door opposite the guard
	desk and have a seat by the receptionist.  I
	will meet you there.

	We are looking forward to it.  Please call if
	you need any further clarification.

	(Sunday, February 23, 2003) 

	I am very disappointed to say that we will be
	unable to do the interview on Tuesday the

	We have had a re-structuring at my company and
	several staff changes.  Before we can proceed
	with any interviews, several internal matters
	need to be clarified and settled.

	I am very grateful that you set aside time to
	speak with us.  I am terribly sorry for any
	inconvenience caused by this cancellation.  In
	the event that we are in a position to
	re-schedule the interview, I will contact you
	to check availability.

	Again, please accept my apologies.  And please
	acknowledge receipt of this message, otherwise
	I will try to contact you by phone to make
	sure you know our interviews have been
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