The Muslim Observer Volume 5, Issue 30, 
	July 26-August 1, 2003, Page 19

	The War On Islam 
	Author: Enver Masud
	Publisher: The Wisdom Fund 

	Exposing Media Myths, August 1, 2003 
	By Mohammed Khan (Canada)

	In an age when mainstream media has been
	reduced to a governmental propaganda agency,
	it has become increasingly hard for the common
	man to differentiate between fact and spin.
	Especially after the horrific events of
	September 11, 2001, the US media, drenched in
	patriotic fervor, has been dishing out the
	Bush administration's agenda as though it is
	gospel truth. There has been, however, a few
	daring individuals who have stood up to the
	tyranny of falsehood and challenged it head on
	time and again. One such brave personality is
	Enver Masud.

	Enver Masud, an engineering management
	consultant who has worked for the World Bank,
	USAID and the US Department of Energy, in The
	War on Islam, has exposed the many sins of
	omission and commission perpetrated by the
	major media in the United States. The book is
	a collection of essays which Masud began
	writing in 1991 during the first Gulf War. In
	his March 1, 1991 essay titled The Holocaust,
	he brought to light the glaring contradictions
	in US foreign policy of the US government when
	it comes to dealing with Israel on hand and
	Iraq on the other. "Never mind that the United
	Nations resolution called only for removing
	Iraq from Kuwait. While babies in Iraq went
	without mil, the armchair Rambos, ensconced
	before their television screens, smelled
	blood. They howled for going all the way to
	Baghdad. They were comforted by an American
	president who assured them that the United
	States had no gripe with the Iraqi people.
	They were only after the new Hitler. Tell that
	to those Iraqi people who will live with the
	wounds of war for generations to come."

	Whether it be the issue of Kosovo, the
	subservience of the UN to the US, the false
	blame heaped on Muslim for the Oklahoma city
	bombing, the terrorist attacks of 9-11, or the
	current military adventures of the American
	government Masud brings the precision of an
	engineer to his articles with his incisive
	analysis backed up by statistics, facts and

	This updated third edition of The War on Islam
	contains articles written by Masud until April
	5,2003 which cover the impact of the Iraqi
	invasion. In article after article Masud shows
	that there is no clash between Islam and
	others faiths but a clash between justice and

	It has often been said that Indian Muslim
	luminary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had
	extra-ordinary foresight regarding Muslim
	issues. The same can be said of his descendant
	Enver Masud. He brings balanced analysis of
	world affairs amidst the chaos of doctored
	evidence and complacent media. War on Islam
	will go a long way in developing
	inter-civilizational understanding and clears
	away many of the misconceptions regarding
	Islam that are found in the American public.

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