March 25, 2015
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Yemen Crisis: An Iranian-Saudi Battleground?

by Frank Gardner

Yemen is fast descending into a violent cauldron where the competing interests of Shia Houthi rebels, Sunni tribes, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states, Iran, al-Qaeda and now Islamic State are forming a toxic mix. . . .

If Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states get drawn in one side, and Iran on another, the conflict risks getting exponentially worse.

"The looming danger is seeing Yemen merely as a proxy war between the Gulf Co-operation Council states and Iran," says Jon Altman, Middle East programme director at the Centre for Strategic & International Studies in Washington.

"Iran is clearly giving some support to the Houthis, but over the last 10 years that support has been limited and slow to arrive.

"There are no indications that the government of Iran sees Yemen as a strategic priority. If the proxy war route is pursued, the conflict is likely to rage for years." . . .


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[In FY 2016, the U.S. admitted 84,995 refugees, but Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world took in 117,000 new refugees and migrants in 2016, and hosts more than 255,000 refugees from Somalia. Yemen is now beginning to host the world's worst humanitarian crisis. What's more, the country is regularly targeted by Saudi and US airstrikes.--Kathy Kelly, "Reality and the US-Made Famine in Yemen,", March 22, 2017

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[The reality is the war in Yemen is a foreign war on Yemen, carried out by the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Britain and several other countries, which have desperately tried to restore an unpopular leader, Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi, who won an "election" in 2012 with no other candidates, illegally overstayed his term in office and then officially stepped down before he fled to Saudi Arabia for protection.--Ben Norton, "How Media Spread CIA's Sectarian, Anti-Iran 'Mideast Cold War' Narrative,", July 25, 2017]

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[Ansarullah is more than just a mere Iranian franchise outfit. Unlike Hezbollah, Ansarullah - as a homegrown movement - would continue to fight, albeit less effectively, even if its link to Tehran were severed.--Giorgio Cafiero and Andreas Krieg, "The Houthi-Hezbollah Surrogate Nexus,", August 26, 2019]

[A country that has virtually one major wealth-producing base (ie oil) and just a few desalination plants that pump fresh water into its major cities, is a very soft target indeed.--Ghassan Kadi, "Iran vs Saudi Arabia: it's game-over,", September 19, 2019]

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[The ongoing conflict has caused direct and indirect losses of over $45 billion to Yemen's oil sector.--Karim Shami, "Who is looting Yemen's oil, and where does it all go?,", June 3, 2023]

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