October 2, 2010
The Wisdom Fund

A Note on MPAC's Uncritical Support of 'The 9/11 Commission Report'

by Enver Masud

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to ask a representative of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) whether or not they believed the principal conclusion of "The 9/11 Commission Report" that 19 Arab hijackers led by Osama Bin Laden were responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001.

After some evasion, the answer I got from Alejandro J. Beutel, MPAC's Government Liaison, was that MPAC supports the U.S. government's position on 9/11. Further conversation revealed how little homework MPAC has done on what is arguably the biggest issue of the decade for Muslims whom MPAC professes to represent.

I informed Mr. Beutel that there's overwhelming evidence that the official account of 9/11 is false, and a significant number of Americans do not believe "The 9/11 Commission Report". Among them are 220 senior military, intelligence, law enforcement, and government personnel; 1200 architects and engineers; 250 pilots and aviation personnel; 400 professors; 300 survivors of 9/11, and these numbers keep growing.

Mr. Beutel's response was that he had read my book "9/11 Unveiled", as well as the Popular Mechanics, "peer-reviewed" [sic] article -- presumably "Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report" published in February 2005.

Popular Mechanics articles are not peer-reviewed, and their 9/11 article has been throughly debunked -- most notably by David Ray Griffin in his book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory".

Following the publication of the Popular Mechanics article, it was revealed that the senior researcher for the article was Benjamin Chertoff -- cousin of Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Some would say that Mr. Chertoff may be "a person of interest" in any real investigation of 9/11 which "The 9/11 Commission Report" is not.

According to Philip Shenon, an investigative reporter with The New York Times, a detailed outline of "The 9/11 Commission Report" complete with "chapter headings, subheadings, and sub-subheadings" had been prepared with the commission's staff barely in place ("The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation," 2008, p389).

This clearly is not how investigations are conducted.

When I asked Mr. Beutel if he had read the NIST reports, he responded he had read the NTSB [sic] report, and asked if I had read it.

I replied I had searched the NIST reports, and found enough to debunk the report: (1) NIST did not validate the model, (2) NIST adjusted inputs to get the output they desired, (3) NIST admitted they did NOT model the collapse itself (they modeled the immediate period prior to initiation of collapse).

Mr. Beutel's response was that since I had not read the entire report I was taking "things out of context" like some do with the Quran.

Mr. Beutel is correct that for the Quran to be properly understood one must study its entire message. However, in science and mathematics, all it takes is one flaw in a critical fact, or logic, to debunk the conclusion of any analysis.

It quickly became obvious that MPAC was not interested in the facts about 9/11 or else they would have done much more research and called in experts to explain what they are clearly not qualified to understand -- for example the peer-reviewed paper by Niels H. Harrit, et al, "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, that I mailed to Mr. Beutel after the meeting.

Niels H. Harrit, et al, found "unreacted thermitic material" in the dust of the World Trade Center indicating the use of rare and highly sophisticated explosives -- something that more than 100 firefighters testified to, and which were reported by mainstream news media on 9/11.

When I asked Mr. Beutel how many members did MPAC have, he replied that they have a mailing list of 10,000. As best we can tell MPAC has donors based primarily in Southern California, but is not a membership organization. MPAC probably represents the position of their donors -- not that of American Muslims at large.

The discussion with Mr. Beutel occurred at the monthly Chai Time held in the Potomac Community Center in Maryland. It is attended mostly by members of the Pakistani community. I was the featured speaker at the launching of Chai Time by Rashid and Bano Makhdoom on February 4, 2001.

Last month, we had 52,189 visitors at our website. They downloaded 10,613 copies of "9/11 Unveiled".

According to the "most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century" John Stuart Mill (1806-73): "He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that. His reasons may be good, and no one may have been able to refute them. But if he is equally unable to refute the reasons on the opposite side, if he does not so much as know what they are, he has no ground for preferring either opinion... Nor is it enough that he should hear the opinions of adversaries from his own teachers, presented as they state them, and accompanied by what they offer as refutations. He must be able to hear them from persons who actually believe them . . . he must know them in their most plausible and persuasive form."

What Really Happened on September 11, 2001

[And in a September 11 letter to President Bush, community leaders stated: "American Muslims, who unequivocally condemned today's terrorist attacks on our nation, call on you to alert fellow citizens to the fact that now is a time for all of us to stand together in the face of this heinous crime." This letter was signed by the leaders of CAIR, MPAC, the American Muslim Alliance, the American Muslim Council, the Muslim American Society, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Muslim Alliance in North America, and American Muslims for Jerusalem. These groups represent most of the seven million Muslims in the United States.--Riad Z. Abdelkarim and Jason Erb, "How American Muslims Really Responded to September 11," The Wisdom Fund, August 20, 2002]

[ADAMS Center officials say they 'cannot legally provide a platform' for discussion of 9/11--Enver Masud, "Fear Paralyzes U.S. Muslim 'Leaders'," The Wisdom Fund, August 3, 2010]

"Muslims Didn't Do It," The Wisdom Fund, September 11, 2010

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[We hold those 19 men responsible for the death and destruction they unleashed on 9/11. . . .

These 19 men and their organization of terror provoked and continue today to perpetuate the need for a war on terror.--Altaf Husain, "11 Years After September 11th: Remembrance and Resilience," The Wisdom Fund, September 11, 2012]

Enver Masud, "9/11: Why Are Muslim Leaders Silent While Millions Suffer, Die," The Wisdom Fund, September 11, 2019

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