April 4, 2015

OPINION: Obama Earns His Nobel

M K Bhadrakumar

The Iran nuclear agreement, which was reached in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Thursday, is an incredible diplomatic victory for the United States. . . .

* Iran will give up around 14000 of its 20000 centrifuges.

* Iran will only retain its most rudimentary, outdated 'first-generation' centrifuges.

* Iran will be prohibited from building or developing newer models of centrifuges.

* Iran has to give up all but 300 kilograms of its vast stockpile of 10000 kilograms of enriched uranium.

* Iran will destroy or export the core of its plutonium plant at Arak.

* Iran shall ship out all spent nuclear fuel.

* There will be no enrichment activity at the underground Fordow site. . . .

Iran benefits out of the suspension of US and EU sanctions and the removal of UN sanctions. . . .

Iran retains a significant nuclear infrastructure, which it can expand in the fullness of time once the agreement expires and could form the basis for a significant nuclear industry. . . .


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