Released August 4, 1998
The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202
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Washington Metro Displays "The Truth About Islam"

WASHINGTON, DC -- "The Truth About Islam" will be on display in Metro rail stations in Washington, DC, during the month of August.

Described by viewers as the "best, short introduction to Islam," The Wisdom Fund's message is displayed in 62 by 44 inch, back-lighted "dioramas" on Metro rail station platforms. "The display," says Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, "is intended to foster harmony among people of diverse faiths. Designed for the age of the 30 second sound-bite, this unique display conveys the spirit of Islam in less than 600 words."

The Truth About Islam diorama

Since February 1995, The Wisdom Fund's message has been published in Foreign Affairs, The Washington Times on the day of the Million Man March, and in other journals and community papers. It is seen by visitors from 50 to 70 countries each month at The Wisdom Fund's web site Posters of "The Truth About Islam" are being displayed in homes, offices, prisons, and mosques. They have been presented to religious leaders and public officials, and are being used as teaching aids in schools and universities.

"The Truth About Islam" display may be seen during August 1998 at the following Metro rail stations: Anacostia, Fort Totten, Judiciary Square, L'Enfant Plaza, McPherson Square, Potomac Avenue, Shaw-Howard University, Stadium-Armory, U Street-Cardoza, Van Ness-UDC.

"If you'd like, we'll bring the display to your gathering in the Washington area," said Masud. Posters of "The Truth About Islam" may be obtained by sending a check for $10 to The Wisdom Fund, Dept WMD, P.O. Box 2723, Arlington, Virginia 22202.

The Wisdom Fund, an Internet based, nonprofit corporation welcomes all interested in interfaith harmony, and all Muslim organizations, to help spread "The Truth About Islam." Ask your organization to sponsor "The Truth About Islam" displays at your gathering, and in public places in your neighborhood. Contact if interested. Donations are tax deductible.

[More pictures of "The Truth About Islam" display: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.]

Huston Smith note

Huston Cummings Smith was an influential scholar of religious studies in the United States. He authored at least thirteen books on world's religions and philosophy, and his book about comparative religion, The World's Religions, sold over three million copies as of 2017.

The Truth About Islam Advertising Campaign

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