October 9, 2014

The Rise of the New, Liberal Islamophobia

by Sonali Kolhatkar

The recent television kerfuffle involving "Real Time" host Bill Maher and guest Sam Harris over whether Muslims are bad people because their religion is, in the words of Harris, "the mother lode of bad ideas," is symbolic of the new American Islamophobia.

Muslim-bashing has become a popular sport several times over the last decade and a half, most notably in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; after the election of Barack Obama; over the proposal for the so-called Ground Zero mosque; and now with the rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But this time, it's not just members of the extreme right, such as Rep. Michele Bachmann and presidential wannabe Herman Cain, equating Islam with terrorism. . . .


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