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The War on Islam (5th edition)

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The War on Islam, 5th ed "ENVER MASUD gives example after example of disinformation and lies, cover-ups and double standards."--Impact International, England

"Excellent book. Dispels the myths and commonly held misconceptions about Islam."--Human Rights Foundation, South Africa

"He brings balanced analysis of world affairs amidst the chaos of doctored evidence and complacent media."--Muslim Observer, USA

"A masterpiece of information of present day happenings in the world."--Tasmia Educational and Social Welfare Society, India

"The contents of the book are an eye opener."--All India Conference of Intellectuals, India

"Of historical significance, . . . A book like this is desperately needed in the warmongering climate of today."--Muslims, New York

"Excellent tool for explaining the realities of the world."--Muslimedia International, Canada

"His thoughts may prove valuable to thinking people in America"--Mumia Abu Jamal, USA

"One of the few contemporary voices of reason and wisdom"--William Mark Hardiker, Australia

10,000 copies of editions 1, 2, 3, 4 sold
328,109 ebooks downloaded (03/01/02 - 03/31/17)
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In this fifth edition of The War on Islam, Enver Masud provides valuable insights on the conflict between Islam and the West, beginning with the Gulf War of 1991 to America's recent financial debacle stemming (in part) from America's unnecessary wars.

For those who seldom venture beyond mainstream news media, The War on Islam serves as a concise introduction to America's wars for the control of resources and markets.

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