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WE PROVIDE perspectives generally missing from major, U.S. news media. For answers to questions on Islam see The Truth About Islam, and Issues and Answers. For Islamic values see Sayings Of The Prophet.

News & Views (2024)

  • VIDEO Scott Ritter: Iran Gave Greatest Military Display in Recent History (04/14/24)
  • VIDEO Dhruv Rathee: 'Modi is 80% a Dictator and a Darpok' (04/09/24)
  • VIDEO Dennis Kucinich: U.S. Divided by Partisanship, by Special Interest Groups and by War (04/02/24)
  • The Nuclear Explosion That Makes US Aid to Israel Illegal (03/29/24)
  • VIDEO Hamas: How Israel Created Its Own Nemesis (03/29/24)
  • VIDEO 'Indians: A Brief History of a Civilization' (03/28/24)
  • VIDEO: Is a Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine Possible? (03/26/24)
  • VIDEO: October 7 | Al Jazeera Investigations (03/20/24)
  • VIDEO: Why Evangelical Christians Influence US Foreign Policy in the Middle East (03/19/24)
  • VIDEO: John Mearsheimer in Conversation with Palki Sharma (03/19/24)
  • VIDEO: The Story of Palestinian Christians (03/18/24)
  • VIDEO India Today Conclave: Bassem Youseff (03/18/24)
  • VIDEO: Toxic Cocktail of Politics and Religion That's Poisoning India (03/14/24)
  • VIDEO: How America Destroyed the German Economy (03/12/24)
  • VIDEO: Young Kashmiris On PM's 1st Rally In Srinagar Since Abrogation Of Article 370 (03/07/24)
  • VIDEO: World WON'T BELIEVE China's New Infrastructure (03/07/24)
  • DOCUMENTARY: Israelism -- The Future of the Relationship Between American Jews and Israel. (03/06/24)
  • VIDEO: India on the Rise: How High Will It Go? (03/04/24)
  • VIDEO: New York Times Losing Credibility on Israel-Palestine? (03/02/24)
  • VIDEO: Companies to Boycott For Links to Israeli Apartheid (02/29/24)
  • VIDEO: Why US Will Lose Tech War to China, Why India Won't Surpass China (02/27/24)
  • VIDEO: Modi's Supremacy a Threat to India's Success (02/24/24)
  • VIDEO Jacques: The Next 'China' is Still China (02/23/24)
  • How is the Proposed Ben Gurion Canal Tied to Israel's Gaza Invasion? (02/16/24)
  • Pentagon 9/11: Do Serial Numbers on Debris Match AA Flight 77 Parts? (02/13/24)
  • VIDEO Tucker Carlson: The Vladimir Putin Interview (02/08/24)
  • VIDEO: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor Slams FM Nirmala Sitharaman Over Sad State Of Indian Economy (02/07/24)
  • VIDEO John Brittas' Fiery Speech in Parliament: "Our Ram is Gandhi's Ram, Your Ram is Nathuram" (02/06/24)
  • Fallout From Fraudulent NYT Article Alleging Mass Rapes by Hamas (02/03/24)
  • VIDEO Jeffery Sachs: A Deep Dive into the ICJ Ruling (01/26/24)
  • VIDEO Economic Update: As the Empire Crumbles (01/22/24)
  • VIDEO: Why the Global South Chose China (01/21/24)
  • MSM admits US is Breaking Domestic Law for Israel (01/19/24)
  • Why a Controversial Hindu Temple in India Could Prove Pivotal to Narendra Modi's Party in Upcoming Elections (01/18/24)
  • VIDEO Economic Update: Corporations vs Democracy (01/16/24)
  • Desecration of Hindu Temples in India (01/15/24)
  • They Were Israel's 'Eyes on the Border' (01/14/24)
  • VIDEO: American Jewish Perspective on Israel's War on Gaza (01/14/24)
  • VIDEO: Prof. Jeffrey Sachs -- Does Israel Have a Defense at UN Court? (01/11/24)
  • VIDEO: THE HAGUE -- International Court of Justice (ICJ) Hearings South Africa v. Israel (01/11/24)
  • VIDEO: Taiwan, China and the US Explained (01/09/24)
  • VIDEO: The Settlers (inside the Jewish settlements) (01/04/24)
  • Pilger's Rap Sheet on the Criminal Elite (01/02/24)
  • Inside News & Views (2023)

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