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COMMENTS started February 26, 1996 -- end May 24, 2001.

Mohsin Ali 71170.441"AT" Sun Mar 3 18:03:41 EST 1996

Great job of presenting an accurate image of Islam. The press releases are particularly useful in providing a more balanced perspective of events than one finds in mainstream media.

Libby and Len Traubman LTRAUBMAN"AT" Sun Mar 3 18:04:58 EST 1996

Over three years ago we began a Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, which continues to successfully meet and cooperate. Several of our meetings have been to better understand the teachings and people of the great faith of Islam. Your fine web page can only help build the global community of our dreams. Thank you!

Nabil M. El-Khodari falcon"AT" Sun Mar 3 23:26:22 EST 1996

Thank you for a very fine page and efforts in propagating the true face of Islam. I have added a link to your valuable page to the Islam menu at the Toronto FreeNet. Sincerely, Nabil, Information Provider to the Muslim Community at TFN.

Mas'ood Cajee MCAJEE"AT" Mon Mar 4 10:49:37 EST 1996

This past weekend's Le Monde - the largest newspaper in France - had an article about CyberMuslim, which mentioned also the Wisdom Fund. Check it out at its in the 15 minutes section...

Sharaf Khan khan"AT" Mon Mar 4 11:03:53 EST 1996

I would like to read as much as possible about Islam.

Tim Moore jactvs"AT" Wed Mar 6 09:52:11 EST 1996

G'day, I am not islamic, but i have studied it over many years. Every time i read something new it make my life that little bit better I am happy that a page like this does exist, as it helps those of us who do wish to know more. Keep up the good work (and word). Cheers.

Mark Cushman mcushman"AT" Fri Mar 15 12:53:03 EST 1996

As I have searched for truth, I have become convinced that the only way to God is through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ rose from the dead. All other prophets or self proclaimed saviors are still in their graves. Jesus Christ died on the cross in my place. He alone is the way to heaven. I encourage all seekers of the truth to examine the authenticity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is well documented. I think you will find twhat I did - Jesus Christ is God aand He alone can save us from the fires of hell.

Hamza Jones hamza"AT" Thu Mar 21 11:09:26 EST 1996

This is a very good site which explains things in an interesting and down to earth manner.If their is any more sites that i can visit like this please let me know

Bassem Alnahas alnahas"AT" Mon Apr 1 16:51:37 EST 1996

Good work

shehadeh abdelhalim HAMAS111"AT"AOL.COM Tue Apr 2 00:49:06 EST 1996

keep up the good work guys

Romina Marchioro romina"AT" Tue Apr 9 05:30:00 EDT 1996

Hi there, after travelling around the WWW I came upon you site, it's quite interesting so I decided to add it to my site. I wrote a link in my internet directory:

go to

Diriye,Abdi Omar Farhan"AT" Tue Apr 9 18:04:01 EDT 1996

I thank you Brothers for this Web site. We are in a country in which we don't even hear the basic things we grew up with like the AZZAN. So dear Brothers keep up the good work and the almighty will reward you. Thank you.

Truth Farhan"AT" Sat Apr 20 14:07:58 EDT 1996

The truth is that Islamic doctrines are unIslamic. The acceptance of gossips 200-250 years old has resulted in the very fundemental stupidity of so-called Muslims.

That is the truth

Jack E. Churchward afn20372"AT" Mon Apr 22 14:07:44 EDT 1996

Keep giving them hell, you are helping to make our society better. Thanks. May peace and happiness permeate the spaces you inhabit, Jack

Mohamed Redhza Abdul Rahim redhza"AT" Sun Apr 28 00:04:44 EDT 1996

This website will definitely go a long way in dispelling the many fallacies and misconceptions that non-Muslims have of Islam. My congratulations to all those who have made this possible.

Abe ABU-BAKAR bz768"AT" Wed May 8 17:34:59 EDT 1996

Salamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

It is good to see that some of us are doing their best to show the world that muslim is a religion of truth, a religion of peace and love. Not a religion hatred and violence. Keep the good work... may ALLAH reward you for all the good things that you are doing, and forgive us all.

a Canadian Muslimah none Fri May 10 18:16:41 EDT 1996

As salamu Alaykum Your website is excellent. Now with the internet there is much more opportunity to have the truth about Islam made known. Keep up the good work. Jazak Allah Khair (may Allah[SWT] reward you).

David Johnson djohnson"AT" Mon May 13 15:06:35 EDT 1996

Thank you for this unusual and interesting collection of information that is not readily available elsewhere. I am particularly interested in learning more about Libya. Anyone who has information or advice about this subject please let me know.

David Johnson Center for Defense Information djohnson"AT"

Muhammad Munsif Davids is05"AT" Tue May 14 14:27:00 EDT 1996

This is a great webpage! Keep adding more information on Islam, it really helps to dispel people`s preconception-formed attitudes. Also, I`m a member of the UCT Islamic Society, and were desperately in need of funds to buy our own computer - the varsity doesn`t want to buy it for us. Anyone who wants to help, or wants details, contact me please. Peace on everyone reading this message!

J. David Childers childers"AT" Tue May 28 12:21:03 EDT 1996

So, why do we (in America) hear about the (seemingly) radical Islamic extremists who wage war on each other and on other non-Islamics? Are these violent people -not- going to Paradise? I have been lead to believe that if the leaders of an Islamic group identify an enemy and a believer dies in an attack on these people, he believes he will gain the favour of God. Please explain this dichotomy of peace and violence for my mind.

"Your actions speak so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying."

Peace to all on Earth

Those who truly know God would not harm an ant, for the ant is as much a part of me as I am of God.

Haroon Ravat eeu186"AT" Wed May 29 07:32:19 EDT 1996

Is there any way that we can reproduce the entire transcript of "The Truth Of Islam" on our homepage including the source and information about the Wisdom Fund. It is the best short introduction to the Islamic faith we have come across.

saif aldin hamid#56 Thu May 30 06:06:26 EDT 1996

You used some weakor fakedin ahadith in your page ???and left sahih ones!!!! like in jihad :{the ink......}. and forgot that prohet MOHAMMAD [may peaca be upon him] wished to die in jihad for sake of god.....

Mazen Al-Ajmi mazen"AT" Thu May 30 10:29:40 EDT 1996

Your home page is very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. Good luck.

Jon Berkedal thsjon"AT" Wed Jun 12 18:00:41 EDT 1996

I would like to develop my knowlege of and respect for Islam. I am a faithful reader of your home page and really appreciate your efforts to help Americans gain in their apprciation of your faith.

Enver Masud enver"AT" Wed Jun 19 16:44:46 EDT 1996

This is a demonstration to a delegation from Pakistan at the offices of the Institute of International Education.

Aamir Shah shah2"AT" Thu Jun 20 11:32:43 EDT 1996

Excellent work. Keep up the good work. Ignorance is a curse. Lets educate the ignorant about Islam and the number one person on the 100 great people of the owrld our holy prophet Muhhammad peace be upon him.

Muhammad Assyahid hwaluyo"AT" Sun Jun 23 01:00:51 EDT 1996

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Always remember that 'Innallaha ma'ana'. Allah always be with us.

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

McCail Smith, Jr. cpdmall"AT" Fri Jun 28 14:17:21 EDT 1996

Please add me to your email list

Rolin G. Mainuddin gmainudd"AT" Fri Jun 28 15:36:13 EDT 1996

A commendable endeavor. Thanks.

amani elkassabany aelkassab"AT" Fri Jul 5 14:31:38 EDT 1996

A very informative and inspiring collection of information. Thank you especially for quoting Karen Armstrong's A History of God. The Action Alerts are a good way to motivate individuals to become more active in the political decision-making proces. A suggestion: Why not include a list of Quranic verses as well as sayings of the Prophet? Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D. penomee"AT" Fri Jul 19 00:42:20 EDT 1996

Wa-salaam-aleikum. I am a playwright in San Francisco, adopted Native American. My adopted sister, Maria Abdin, is both Delaware and Muslim. Out of love and respect I have written a very positive play about Islam, which is set in 1492 and depicts the internal and external jihads of a young, devout and brilliant Muslim caliph. I would like to see it presented for the sake of Islam education, and if anyone has any ideas I hope they will get in touch. Interfaith groups take note: one historical truth depicted in this play is the shelter by edict given to the exiled Jews of Spain by the Ottoman Caliph of that time.

All my relations, Kari Ann Owen

Brooks Friend bfriend"AT" Tue Jul 23 22:14:49 EDT 1996

If you believe Jesus was a prophet, why do you not believe what he said?

Zaid Abdoelrahman zaid.abdoelrahman"AT" Fri Jul 26 12:19:43 EDT 1996

As a tv producer of the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Foundation, (The only free broadcasting institute (tv/radio) on ISLAM and related topics in Europe) I am very much impressed of your site. I will certainly tell my colleages to surf here.

William of Occam occam"AT"dial.pipex com Sun Aug 4 09:32:16 EDT 1996

Has it ever occured to you that there is no objective evidence for the existence of a personal god of any kind?

Bearing this in mind I hope you learn to recognize that your views are really just beliefs and opinions. Some elements of most religions are wise and benign. Islam is no exception, but is merely one of many world views. That doesn't make it right or wrong, nor does it make other views right or wrong. _Nemo Beneficio In Calendria Scribit

Enver Masud enver"AT" Tue Aug 6 09:12:22 EDT 1996

Don't know what you mean by "a personal God." With respect to God Islam teaches:

a) There is only One God -- the same God of all who believe in One God regardless of what they call their religion; b) "Dwell not upon God's nature but upon His creation or else you will perish.

FYI see "A History of God" by Karen Armstron -- NY Times bestseller.

Ellen Dennis Ellen.Dennis"AT" Wed Aug 7 18:37:00 EDT 1996

My muslim friends in Portland Oregon feel kind of isolated from other members of the muslim faith. I have bookmarked this site and will tell them about it.

Omar Altalib o-altalib"AT" Thu Aug 8 18:10:55 EDT 1996

Good job! Hopefully my friends in the Muslim Students Association at the University of Chicago will take advantage of this web site.

Hilal Iskandar Gomes ensaio"AT" Thu Aug 15 04:44:07 EDT 1996

I am a muslim brazilian pressman surfing at the WEB catching information about the Islam. At here, in The Wisdom Fund I found many and many information. I hope Allah gives you the power to made your job bigest.

Hilal Iskandar Gomes

Dawood Subedar dsubedar"AT" Fri Aug 30 22:05:18 EDT 1996

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Very interesting ! Keep up the good work!

Do you have an e-mail list for your press releases? If yes, please subscribe me to the list.

Jazak Allah Khairun

Ishmael Gorby ggorby"AT" Mon Sep 9 02:09:31 EDT 1996

Wonderful page!

Tengku Ahmad tahmad"AT" Tue Sep 10 00:27:55 EDT 1996

Assalamualaikum Very helpful site. Thank you! And the comments by visitors are interesting too. You have a undertaken the difficult task of da'wah and one result is in the public response. You have done great, and keep up the good work. Wassalamualaikum, Sincerely, your brother in Islam.

L. Abdal-Aziz Davis ldavis"AT" Tue Sep 24 17:54:14 EDT 1996

As'Salaamu' wa Alaikum Jazak'Allah Khair. Commendable work. Alhamdu'lillah. Insha'Allah the impact and clear truth of Al-Islam will go just a little further due your human endeavors. Allah'u Akbar!

Mohammad Aqeel Ibrahim mai10374"AT" Thu Sep 26 15:13:24 EDT 1996

An excellent page... Let the Jews and Christians know what games their elites have been playing with them.

Amber Standley skydance7"AT"aol Sun Sep 29 16:28:52 EDT 1996

I am doing a research paper on Islam. I had a couple questions. 1.What, if any, holidays does the Islamic religion celibrate? 2.(Qur'an 5:32) What does Islamic religion see as corruption in the earth?

Iram J. Shaikh bio4ijs"AT" Sun Oct 13 15:59:49 EDT 1996

I would like to know about the Wisdom Fund organization itself. To enhance the Christian reader's as well as the Muslim reader's knowledge of source availablity on the internet.

M.Z.CHIDA, CHENNAI(MADRAS)INDIA fawsan"AT" Tue Oct 15 00:32:56 EDT 1996


Murtuza Baldiwala Murtada"AT" Tue Oct 15 08:22:49 EDT 1996

It is surely a mercy of Allah that you have been able to provide both muslims and non-muslims such a valuable educational resoruce. Djazak Allah Khair (Thank you may you be rewarded in adundance). I have really gained from this site.

Zarinah Shakir zshakir"AT" Fri Oct 18 16:22:25 EDT 1996

Bismillah Hirrahman Hirrahim, As Salaam Alaikum Allah has blessed us with all of creation to live in harmony. Technology is one of those blessings. Let us use it only for the good of humanity. Jazak Allah Khairun. Kudos to The Wisdom Fund.

Shakil Anwar shak"AT" Sat Oct 19 10:35:48 EDT 1996

Assalam alakum to all of you Allah is only our cherisher and sustainer , so keep up this good work for the peace of humanity which is is being crushed by the power of evils.May Allah bless u all if u have mail list please include my mail id also for ur press releases Wassalam

HansKolbe/Inst.Dialogue/Reconciliat, SF hanskolbe"AT" Thu Oct 24 22:44:21 EDT 1996

I appreciate your web site and your efforts to present a complete picture of the history, content, and wisdom of the Islamic culture. In order to achieve dialogue and peace, we must have a full understanding of the richness and creativity of each others culture. I would like to invite you to cooperate in our efforts to study and put forward models of dialogue, remembrance, and reconciliation. Your contribution could be very important Thank you Hans Kolbe, Director Institute for Models of Dialogue, Remembrance, and Reconciliation San Francisco, Ca

Mary Armesto ksmfa00"AT" Mon Nov 4 21:01:53 EST 1996

Texas A&M University-Kingsville is celebrating Middle Eastern Emphasis Week on Nov. 11-16. I am co-editor of The South Texan, the university's newspaper. We wanted to get information in order to design an infographic that our middle eastern students could identify with. Your pages have been most helpful. Keep up the good work!

Eric D. Smith edsmith"AT" Thu Nov 7 17:59:24 EST 1996

I believe that this page is one of the most educational & valuable I have seen since I began doing research on the net. I am the student body president of Emory&Henry College in Southwest Virginia and a fervent believer in freedom of religion. Also, being a Weslyan-style Methodist (in thought though not necessarily in action) one of my primary beliefs is in the fallibility of humans and that as a consequence of this fallibilty no single nor group of humans can truly know the mind of God, thus we must all allow diversity of theological thought,dicourse & practice while still seeking truth individually in own minds & souls. Your page is a reminder that all of humanity who seeks to do what is right is inately connected and should support each other rather than seek to do injury to those who hold beliefs different than our own. No religion has a monopoly on wisdom or truth.

CARLOS RAÚL FERNÁNDEZ PONCE AL708467"AT" Thu Nov 14 11:55:24 EST 1996

I am not muslim, yet I admire the way you people defend what you think is correct. Congratulations

Solita M. Wakefield SWAKEFIELD"AT"IMF.ORG Fri Nov 15 09:29:40 EST 1996

I am a Christian but have friends who are Muslim and one specifically I discuss the bible with and the Koran. It's enlightening to see the similarities and also the differences between the 2 religions. One important thing is, our God is one same God. Thank you for sharing Islam with the rest of the world and for striving to make others understand the faith of your religion and separate the "misnomers" and "stigma" that Islam has on the West. All the best !

Rahat Kurd 4rk8"AT" Fri Nov 15 10:06:45 EST 1996

Salaam; a well-thought-out site. What about some quotes from the Qur'an - you can't go wrong with the authoritative document! Name the translation you're using, or else provide a list of sites that do have more information about the Qur'an...

Shu'aib ibn Edwin shuaib"AT" Wed Nov 27 08:48:33 EST 1996

This is a good site ma sha'allaah. Insha allah is it posible to include the source of the ahadith that you have mentioned

The Wisdom Fund wisdom"AT" Sun Dec 8 12:36:39 EST 1996

Re source of ahadith, it's "The Sayings of Muhammad" by Sir Abdullah Suhrawardy as stated on our pages. We've added a brief bio of the author and the how this book came about.

Cheri Powers cherip"AT" Tue Dec 17 12:15:09 EST 1996

I had some problems printing out the article Women in Islam, but now finally have it - it looks to be an excellent source for refuting some of the anti-Islam stereotypes. I am very impressed with this website. Keep up the good work. I shall be sending in my order for the poster. Thank you.

Muhsin Alidina JANGBARIO"AT" Tue Dec 17 19:59:41 EST 1996

Salamun Alaikum Jami'an

This technological forum for the spread of true Islam should not be used effectively and wisely. We owe a duty to The Prophet SAWA to spread his message and we owe to his Representative on Earth Al-Hujjah Al-Qaim to prepare for his Re-appearance.

Khalil K. Nasiri Shy2nack"AT" Sat Dec 28 04:38:35 EST 1996

A very insightful Web site that helps to spread the truth about Islam and refute negative and false stereotypes. A well done effort-- please keep up the great work. Salaam

fab baskett"AT" Thu Jan 9 20:31:06 EST 1997

Any help for multi cultural marrige? When one spouse is conveted to Islam. please dont give your radical view, as I belived Islam is for all and for peace. Thanks .

Ibrahim Sherman IMSherman"AT" Sun Jan 12 23:51:21 EST 1997

Your site is great Alhamdullah!! Keep up the good work.

Enver Masud wisdom"AT" Fri Feb 21 07:56:39 EST 1997

We've received many excellent comments about the quality of The Wisdom Fund poster "The Truth About Islam."

One person questioned our describing the poster as free, and asking for mailing and promotional charges. We do this because these charges add up to more than the cost of printing the poster itself.

However, the order processing is done by volunteers, and in essence their unpaid labor "pays" for the free poster.

Zaineb zaineb0"AT" Sun Mar 16 14:25:32 EST 1997

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful Assalam-o-Alaikum Great web page. Keep up the good work. Wasalam.

Robin Datta robbin"AT" Mon Mar 17 00:44:42 EST 1997

assalaamoalaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

azman and noor hafilah azm06127"AT" Sat Mar 22 10:55:26 EST 1997

keep up the good work. He would bless u and your family in this life and hereafter, Insya Allah. My wife and I would like to congratulate u for job well done. Please E mail me for moreinformation about Islam

Andre' Tolliver t"AT" Mon Mar 24 09:57:03 EST 1997

Assalamu alaikum (hello) Anyone who can help with the rebuilding of the Yuba City Mosque (CA), we need your support. Check out for the status and what you can do to help.

Tehseen Raza TRAZA"AT"CLARITAS.COM Mon Mar 24 18:10:32 EST 1997

Direct, Blunt, staright forward, and to the point information.

Barrett Newsom bhnews"AT" Tue Mar 25 03:01:44 EST 1997

Thank you for your web site. There indeed seems to be some Wisdom here, a delightful change from many Internet addresses. Wish I'd found you sooner. Thanks to Mr. Mowla. Peace.

Emilia Amir p9624241"AT" Sun May 4 22:57:52 EDT 1997

Assalamualaikum...... Thanks to God that i was able to find this kind of webpage through the internet. The presense of internet is a great and intelligent way for us to spread the beauty of ISLAM so that muslims and non-muslims are able to share the good and benefits of ISLAM. thumbs up to the creator of the webpage. Insyallah more and more people will able to experience the wonders of ISLAM

DUDIK A du4067"AT" Wed May 14 23:08:48 EDT 1997


aLI aKBAR CHIDA"AT"EMIRATES.NET.AE Mon May 19 14:49:31 EDT 1997


kALEEM EMIRATES.NET.AE Mon May 19 14:50:18 EDT 1997


Mohammed Fauzi Ahmad fauziahm"AT" Wed May 21 07:35:37 EDT 1997

Your web-site has provided me with an invaluable source of information on the perceived Islamic threat.

Fernando A. Figueredo slider"AT" Thu May 22 20:50:29 EDT 1997

if possible could you please send me more literature on the Islamic (Muslim) faith. I have been very disillusioned by the Christian faith and their ministries. Thank You Very Much for your Prayers and help. Respectfully Yours


Henry L. Milliner henry"AT" Mon May 26 14:28:44 EDT 1997

Researching for a very dear friend that is incarcerated. He has been Muslim for quite some time. He is also in need of other kind words from the outside world. If you would like to contact him and give some support, here is the address..

Andre Robinson /EF241952

Henry L. Milliner henry"AT" Mon May 26 14:32:07 EDT 1997

Sorry for the incompletion of the last comment. Here is the address again.

Andre Robinson Macon State Prison /EF241952 P.O. Box 426 Ogle Thorpe, GA. 31068

Murtada Mustafa pretyeye"AT",om Tue May 27 12:44:29 EDT 1997

whatever the west and jews try to cheat the world that plastine belongs to the jews. the world know jews are dishonest people and simply you cannot trust them they will sell you their mother sister wife just for the sake of money. the plastinians will take double the time BUT plastine will return to its real people. To hell to America.

MOHAMMED K. IBRAHIM mk"AT" Wed May 28 18:44:40 EDT 1997

Assalamu alaikum. Your contribution to Islam through this medium is so invaluable that only Almighty Allah can reward you. Please keep on.

ENVER OMERAGIC ezome"AT" Sun Jun 1 23:34:35 EDT 1997

Salam aleikum.Ja sam iz BOSNE,trenutno sam u Ameriki ihocu da pozdravim bracu Islama i danas dragi ALAH vodi ka sutra boljem.Molim svu bracu Islama koji su voljni da pomognu BOSANSKIM PROGNANICIMA u Ameriki.


No doubt. Islam is the most fastly growing religion. May Allah unite the Muslims so that Muslims do not suffer in KASHMIR, BASNIA, ZAIRE, PALESTINE AND PHILAPINES. Inshallah

G. Jordan mcc"AT" Mon Jun 30 07:35:39 EDT 1997

Thank you for helping to understand better the Islam. As a catholic I find that both religions are attacked by similar false propaganda by the mass media financed by the transnational corporations. There are so many issues where a dialogue between religions can be so important to protect human rights, freedom of believe and liberty against the attacks of those who claim to have the monopoly of freedom and civil rights while only defending their commercial and political interests. In a global world, we must find together to stand against global aggressions against religion and freedom and be a sign of hope for the empoverished people all over the world. Thank you!

Ather Hussain bukhpir"AT" Wed Jul 2 17:28:02 EDT 1997

Congratulations on the good work and keep it up. Ather from England

AbdelAziz Rezzaki Rezzaki"AT" Tue Jul 15 10:28:59 EDT 1997

Assalamu Aleikum,dear brother in islam, It´s very intresting to find such subjet about islam.

Allah bless your work and helps you to go ahead.

Wa Salam,Gemany

Kat Elliott relliott"AT" Sun Jul 27 22:17:23 EDT 1997

I am not Muslim, but I am deeply interested in all faiths because I am in search of my own. This is a great site with great info!

Richard Petersen zpub"AT" Tue Aug 5 15:18:25 EDT 1997

I am not Muslim, but have found your site interesting.

I am particularily interested in the Islamic pratice of Zakat and would like to get information about it's history and real world pratice. This is for a website I am working on called The Zakat Project

Thanks for any help/suggestions/comments

Glen Letham gletham"AT" Mon Aug 18 13:43:42 EDT 1997

I have a question: Are dogs considered unclean according to Islam or is this a cultural hang-up? I realize that there are many interpretations of the writings in the Koran.

RAHIM AZIZ araziz"AT" Tue Aug 19 06:48:25 EDT 1997

Beautiful Work , ALHAMDULILLAH.

Vinny DeSoto desoto"AT" Thu Aug 21 03:11:29 EDT 1997

A good intro to an important issue (Islam), that I knew nothing about.

Sam Masud smasud"AT" Fri Sep 26 09:11:46 EDT 1997

"The Truth about Islam" is the best short introduction to Islam that I have come across, and the posters are beautiful -- and a bargain too!!

Mika Sugiuira mika"AT"osaka Mon Oct 13 18:33:52 EDT 1997

Just visiting your site.

Michelle Saka El Naysheltee"AT" Tue Oct 14 11:55:11 EDT 1997

Nice site. Muslim Women United in Richmond, VA. are seeking funders for our sixth annual conference in Richmond, VA. For the past five years the conference has had 200- 300 plus participants. We aim to keep the cost low to attend the conference but we need better conference meeting acomodations. All praise due to Allah, the conference is very successfull in deivering education, dawah, and sisterhood.

Nina Ahmed nina_ahmed"AT" Wed Oct 22 12:53:49 EDT 1997

I am very encouraged with this positive outlook on Islam. Islam has been portrayed negatively by the mass media. It is partly due to the vested interests of some people and partly due to practices of the Muslims themselves. The Doctrines of Islam are clear and concise. It has evaluated the relationship of Muslim with Muslim and Muslims with non-muslims. Islam is a continuation of the First two scriptures, The Torah and the Bible. There are many versus in Koran that mentions these two great religions. In all, the Wisdom Fund is doing an excellent job of providing truth about Islam and its people. I pray for their success. We must as Muslims, convey the message of tolerance, love and peace that Islam stands for. I also encourage our non-muslims readers to take an initiative to draw in more people so that they can also dispel some of the misconceptions about the truly great religion Islam. May God give you strength in your endeavors.

Lubna Sayed akhuddus"AT" Wed Oct 22 22:49:27 EDT 1997

May Allah bless you for the tremendous work you've done to help spread the His word. I enjoyed every nook and corner of your website. I can't wait to recommend it to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you once again, for the delightful read.

rashaad Arie"AT" Fri Oct 24 09:52:30 EDT 1997

jazakallah - your site is vry informative. looking for info on Sudan

jen kayen"AT" Wed Nov 5 00:15:24 EST 1997

Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Your site should help to dispel the myths about Islam but I think you can add still more! Why not include more detailed info on salat, zakat, what is a masjid, etc. for those who are interested to know how Muslims practice on a daily basis? Also, I recommend that you include a link to the Muslim Women's League website. Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

Nadia Rosinski nrosinski Mon Nov 10 12:02:48 EST 1997

Dear Brothers, Aaslam-alai-kum,

I was reading an article about the the holy practice of Hajj and historical events that have led to this practice. I am however confused about one thing. I know that any form of idol worship or a practice that hints towards idolatory is rejected in Islam. Then why do muslims walk around Kabah with the Kabah as the epi-center. I know the signifance of the kabah being the place where Prophet Abraham revealed the presence of One God and removed all idols. I believe in this doctrine myself. If some one can shed some light on this I will be very grateful.

Mohammad Fariq Hamid mfh"AT" Sun Nov 16 00:56:40 EST 1997


Nina nina_ahmed"AT" Mon Nov 17 18:17:29 EST 1997


I am very sad today after hearing about the latest killings in Egypt. What saddens me is that there are some among us who believe that my killing innocent people the cause of Allah is acheived. Honestly, Allah will punish these people so severely. Prophet Mohmammad (pnuh) taught us to be kind and loving and show that kindness to strangers. The tourist who were visiting should have been welcomed with open arms. What did they get, a hail of bullets. Is Muslim world becoming so vehement and violent . I wish I could do something. . I feel Islam is so great and I want to elevate it by promoting the message of love that is written everywhere in Koran.

Please Pray with me--- Allah, please listen to our prayers. Forgive those who are misled and bring them to the right path. Heal the hearts of families who are going through trying times and feeling the loss of a loved one. Bring peace of earth and all human kind. Ameen.

Nina Ahmed nina_ahmed"AT" Thu Nov 20 08:52:36 EST 1997

Thank you Wisdom Fund for your response to the attack in Egypt. It certainly clarified some of the notions that I had. But there are a lot of people like me who don't get a full weight of information from any news sector. Besides educating the us who are directly affected by these actions, it is imperative that the American public be made aware of these activities as well. American public has strong influence over their governing candidates. If they know the conspiracies that lie behind these actions and the subsequent threat to the Mideast peace process then all of us acheived a small measure of success. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful job.

ryan roof wobakia"AT" Mon Nov 24 16:42:09 EST 1997

yall need to let christ into your hearts or youll suffer eternal damnation.

Ulricha Ayi ulricha.ayi"AT" Tue Nov 25 12:38:56 EST 1997

Assalaam aleykum, brothers and sisters! I would be very happy to get in contact with brothers and sisters in UAE, I'm a swedish convert and I'm very much in love with the country after, Al hamdu Lillah, have been there seven (7) times in the last two years. Wasalaam

Nasrin Shah nshah"AT" Sun Nov 30 21:04:33 EST 1997

Hope to stay in touch

Aqeel Ladak sherbanu"AT" Mon Dec 1 18:03:48 EST 1997

May Allah give you all Tawfiq.

Nafiz Khalife nafizkhalife"AT" Thu Dec 11 02:47:19 EST 1997

This is a very good site to spread the message of Islam. I particularly like the way you people have presented the facts in a very organised and pleasing manner. The section regarding the sayings of the prophet was very enlightening. I hope to visit here more often and increase my knowledge and of all the people around me. Keep up the good work.

noora umm ahmad nel_atar"AT" Thu Dec 11 07:26:39 EST 1997

assalam alikum , marshallah a very good page i have seen many pages one the net but yours is unbiased and useful for all of us may allah bless us all and forfgive us all our sins ameen

noora nel-atar"AT" Thu Dec 11 07:42:24 EST 1997

dear sister nina the massacre in luxor is appaling and so are the massacres in algeria. it is also un islamic . to massacre these people.espically in the light of the hadith and the quran . there is a hadith that if two muslims are fighting each other they both go to the hell fire.

also at the luxor massacre an hour before it happened a party of israelis were due to be there but they suddenly cancelled . and british airways have been phoning passengers up not to tg ot egypt claiming its not safe . i believe their is a huge conspiracy going on attacking egypt because it refused to attend a conference with israel in the middle east . we all know our enemies carry on with your good works

Iranian aryan"AT" Fri Dec 19 01:04:59 EST 1997

Whenever I watch american Tv, I have noticed on how biased on the coverage of the middleast. Always Pro-Israel. Thier are so many negative stereotypes of goyim that the Jews create in the media. Whats wrong with these people?

Human human"AT" Fri Dec 19 01:11:53 EST 1997

I am not a Arab, nor Muslim but I am a Hindu but I have noticed the media is run by Jews. I have researched it also. They use the media sometimes as a propaganda machine to create hatred toward arabs and muslims. For example in hollywood movies that portray Arabs as terrorists. Israel basically will last as America does. But like all great empires(Persia, Rome, ..etc.) eventually would come to an end. When that happens you can say goodbye to Israel. So don't get frustrasted now, just wait.

Nur-ma Normik2"AT" Sat Dec 20 08:42:00 EST 1997

To all Christians who never take the time to read the Koran: Please be reminded that Islam CONFIRMS the "Messiah" as Jesus ("ISA" in Arabic)...... HONOURS the virginity of Mary; RESPEC the "holy spirit" of God by not questioning it...... Islam believes in all miracles accomplished by Jesus.....and ANTICIPATES the 2nd coming of the Christ/Messiah/Masih/Meshua. Thank you

Nadia Rosinski nrosinski"AT" Mon Dec 22 13:11:01 EST 1997

I have been trying to understand why the Jews and Christians dislike and hate muslims so much. Is it the fact the Muslims are what they are perceived they are or is it a massive propaganda to create mass hysteria. I would like to beleive it is the other. My justification in saying so is that I have researched Koran that are tied to the myths surrounding it. I am happy to say that I have found none. In fact the perceptions that most christians and jews hold about Islam is merely an extention of what is wriiten in Bible or Torah. The conception about the treatment of women in Islam and the in human way in which they are treated are just the figment of imagination by people who have played this out by extending the myth surrounding women in their own religion. I have read Bible and the translation in Plain English does happen to confirm the fact that women were regarded as temptress and a seducer. She had no rights but to obey her husband. Old Christian civilization branded branded women as witches and hunted like an animal and killed. Though this is morally wrong by today's standards, the very fact that this was played out tells me that christians have been very ruthless on people who did not beleive in their own. The dark ages of Christian Crusades are a testimony in themselves. Non-Christians were brutally treated and forced to convert. The great Constantine of Constantinople is an example. Very recenly is the colonization of poor nations by colonial powers. All of them Christian states, British, France, Italy, Portugal. They premise was that white race is the best and Christianity is the supreme religion brought down by God themselves and they were the upholders of truth and justice. It shames that my ancestors were a part of this. Another fact, that Christians have forgotten is that biggest injustice to humanity was done on Africans when they were bonded in slavery and all human rights violated. Another fact majority of the African brought to mainland were Muslims. Now I put a test to the intelligence of Westerns Community particularly Christian Community. Is this our message of piece. We have a habit of stealing from others. We lie about them and slander their religion. I would like to ask the entire Muslim population to forgive us. I might be a small drop in the ocean but all the drops together can make a very powerful ocean. I encourage all the muslims to give everyone the true message of piece which was brought by our great prophets. My heart is convinced that Islam truly stands for peace, and I pray to God in the auspicious day of Christmas that God will enlighten the our community and forgive us for our sins.

Mahomed Jajbhay MahomedJ"AT" Fri Jan 2 08:05:57 EST 1998

Thoughtful, sometimes truthfully provocative but really stimulating.

Habib Ghanim hghanim"AT" Mon Jan 5 11:33:37 EST 1998

Thanks for all the efforts you put on the poster -The truth abou Islam. I think it is a masterpiece.. Keep up the good job. Habib

M. Ali ali Wed Jan 28 08:51:58 EST 1998

Greetings, have just carefully read your fascinating and informative iraq crisis article. I think it is about the best thing that I have read of anything written by you or in any of the OPED pages of serious American and British newspapers and journals for a long time. Firstly, you write so simply and therefore lucidly and well. A reader does not have to read any of your sentences twice. Your piece meets all the high standards of hard sourcing, balance and objectivity. The facts that you present are incontrovertible and unassailable and that is why perhaps the media in this country may not publish your piece.

Abbas Zaidi zaidi"AT" Fri Jan 30 09:25:44 EST 1998

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Enver Masud on Eid day at the Washington Expo Centre. It feels good knowing that there are men of wisdom the likes of him that those of us who want to make a difference can go to and work with. Everybody talks, but few deliver results. I look forward, with excited anticipation, to playing an active role in this august organization with so noble a purpose.

Long live Unity, Faith and Discipline. Abbas Zaidi

Sanjoy K. Acharya sanjoy.gumby"AT" Mon Feb 2 16:35:44 EST 1998

I have seen too much violence in the name of religion in both my part of the world (Indian sub continent) as well as Ireland, Middlle-East and other places. If your web page can make even one person feel kindly towards the members of another religion, then may it flourish. Mysellf I believe that Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists Christians are all members of the human race and HAVE to learn to live with each other for the joint salvation of this planet. NO religion is better or WORSE than another it is the person who actions make him good or bad.

noora El-atar com> nel_atar"AT"hotmail>com Tue Feb 3 06:24:56 EST 1998

i really like to read your pages a most informative web site. let us hope that peace will eventually come .and we will overcome the conspiracy against islam I read in the rembrance of death by iman ghazzali part of the ihya ul al din that the great scholar as sayuti apparently gave a fatwa that the end of the world will come in the 15th century ah . this was in the footnotes of the book. but many of the signs are their already i also read in another book that one of the other signs is a great smoke in the east well we had that last year in s e asia

P.Hansel phansel"AT" Wed Feb 4 05:16:35 EST 1998

Thank you for giving us a chance to try and understand Islam without any influence from the media. Unfortunately the real picture is too often distorted and many people in the West don't have any idea what Islam is.

Mary Armesto higheel"AT" Sat Feb 7 13:30:28 EST 1998

assalam alikum On Nov 4 1996 I wrote in your guest book that I was doing some research for the university newspaper that I worked with and praised your webpage for having such good information that was very helpful in helping me design a features page on Islam. Well in April 1997, I won an award --- 3rd place in Texas State journalism competition for features page design. Thank you so much for your help and your information that you give to all who visit your webpage. I have continued to study Islam and have gained a deeper understanding. I recently met a Muslim who I am interested in getting to know much better and I hope that he is as sincere as I am. Once again thank you for all your help.

M. I. Veira (khadija) khadija_x"AT" Sun Feb 15 20:48:33 EST 1998

I think it is time for the whole world to find out what true Islam is really about, I'm sick of our beloved religion being misrepresented by the media and by the radicals who kill innocent people in the name of Allah. This, as true believers know, is not what Islam is all about. Thanks to your web-site maybe a few more people will learn this too. Peace!!!!.

John W. Willmott tiojuan"AT" Tue Feb 17 18:56:58 EST 1998

It is great to see this page explaining Islam to those of us who are not too well informed. However some decry - condemn those who commit "terrorist" acts in the name of Allah. I don't think there is any place in Islam that says turn your cheek and let your attacker smite the second cheek as my Christian religion does. It is God - Allah who gave life which is a precious thing. To allow someone - or group to destroy your life, take your land, drive you out and if you protest, shoot you or incarcerate and torture youl. Life itself is a strong force which resists death. Cowards fail to preserve their life and that of their families. And I believe that God would condemn a coward who would not defend this most precious gift of his more harshly than those who used whatever weapon available including bloody terrorism to stay alive.

Nadia Rosinski nrosinski"AT" Fri Feb 20 15:17:03 EST 1998

These days we are at crossroads with clouds of war looming in the horizon. My perceptions about this whole fiasco while not analytical and precise is a perception of a common person who views the world through the narrow windows of the world, Our 'News'. In my limited capacity of of world politics what is really the truth, I will never-the-less try to bring 'my' opinion to the surface. I will say this bold and openly ' NO WAR WITH IRAQI PEOPLE' AND SADDAM MUST GO. Does US have the moral right to bombard Iraq? The Answer is No. Should Saddam be overthrown? Yes. Should US ( under UN umberalla) have the right to continue to enforce rigid economic sanctions in Iraq? No, Is is the right of US to endorse the use of force against helpless and dying people? No. Do the IraqI

Yasmin Mawani myasmin"AT" Sat Feb 21 22:57:27 EST 1998

Assaalamu Alaikum.

May Allah protect all our Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq and other countries, where there is some tension. May He also give strength and courage to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Our Special Prayers are for you all. May Allah Bless you all. Khuda Hafiz.

Br Gregory Bell-Schwing brogregory"AT" Sun Feb 22 03:28:26 EST 1998

Peace to you all. May you be blessed in your work. It is indeed time that those of us not of your faith learn more about it! Like Muslims, we Christians have our own fundamentalists who sorely misrepresent the teachings of Jesus Christ. For me, all I can do is love them. My prayers go to God for peace at this horrendous time for the people of Iraq, especially the children and mothers who watch them suffer and die. It is awful. Though we have our differences in matters of faith, let us strive to share our commonalities and emphasize them.

Peace, my friends,

Brother Gregory

Soluciones soluciones"AT" Mon Feb 23 10:21:27 EST 1998

What I do not like is your praising of the movie Panama Deception. While the movie does condemn the loss of life, it does not condemn unelected dictators that put the lives of their people in harm s way (like Saddam and Noriega). Keep in mind that elected governments are the best antidote have been so far the best antidote against US bombers - ever seen a country with freely elected, multi-party, government get bombed?

Nurma Normik"AT" Fri Feb 27 17:35:06 EST 1998

Salam Aleikum: I throughly enjoy your site and hope that more people would become informed of the simplicities and practicalities of Islam. I do regret, however, that there exists the danger of being disinformed as well as being under-informed. Let us all pray that truth will get through the internet .....and we exercise patience and tolerance with one another.

Habib Diab Ghanim hghanim"AT" Sun Mar 1 14:44:01 EST 1998

Regarding Iraq we all agree that Sadam is a monster but why should the children,women and innocent civilians suffer from the actions of Saddam. I support any efforts to oust him but not at the expense of the whole Iraqi population. The late Dr. M T Mehdi ( RIP- may Allah grant him peace and mercy ) always spoke up to the highest authorities in this country to avert the bombings.With the latest developments by the UN under Kofi Anan ,I am sure Dr Mehdi is smiling in his grave. I hope the agreement is observed by all parties and may Allah help you continue to educate us in the Islamic ways by this medium-internet

rknight rknight18"AT" Tue Mar 3 21:52:06 EST 1998

Just what we need another Anti American /pro Islamic web site. what a waste of bandwidth. before you try to clean up America you should maybe try fixing problems in your own countries.

DR JOHN FORSTER johnforster"AT"minitelnet Mon Mar 9 08:53:04 EST 1998

DR JOHN FORSTER VILLE NEUVE 22630 LE QUIOU EVRAN FRANCE assalamoalaikum please send me snailmail info on you please thanks NADHIR

Jihad S. Rashid FalahEnt"AT" Thu Apr 30 14:29:46 EDT 1998

Bsmillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

As Salaam Alaikum ,

I am very pleased to have found this most relavant webpage fortified with Islamic consciousness. InshAllah I will contribute and benefit from this most important resource. As Salaam Alaikum

Edward Abood iwaus"AT" Sat May 9 00:09:47 EDT 1998

a very interesting site. will be in touch with the text you requested.

Mariam guest"AT" Tue Jun 16 14:04:25 EDT 1998

Thank you so much for the FREE poster offer. I am enjoying your web site, and look forward to receiving both the blue and mauve posters.

Nabil Shafi nabil2"AT" Sun Jun 21 19:06:16 EDT 1998

Thank you for taking ACTION against an America which continues to berate Islam and its people everyday.Remember that Muslims like you and me need to UNITE and spread the truth about Islam.

Hasan Abboushi abboushi"AT" Wed Jul 8 11:41:28 EDT 1998

Best Regards.. Nice page.. visit my page: Regards. Hasan

SHER sher"AT" Sun Jul 12 01:37:14 EDT 1998

i am not here to make fun of it is a beautiful religion...but i really would like to say that all religions are the same

why do muslims bring so much pain to the other there no freedom to believes? if ALLAH wanted us to be muslims...he could have made us all be born muslim.....he is the greatest isn't he! point here is...dont force us into being long we believe in GOD it is good

it is not what MUHAMMAD thought us...he siad we must love and respect


Muhammad Tate mhmd_tate"AT" Sat Jul 25 14:24:14 EDT 1998

As-Salaamu Aleikum wa rahmatullah!

greetings from an american muslim in germany!

A very nice page. I will insh'Allah take more time to learn more about your organisation.

Wa Salaam,

Muhammad Tate

Adam Keller otherisr"AT" Sat Jul 25 17:40:20 EDT 1998

I wouldlike recieve your messages and press releases.

Mohamed Latiff mdlat"AT" Tue Jul 28 03:00:39 EDT 1998


May Allah Bless you and have mercy on you for taking the effort in putting up this web page for your fellows muslim brothers to enlighten them.


Jo Chowdhry desichhokri"AT" Tue Jul 28 10:21:14 EDT 1998

I have briefly looked over your website, and I must say, it looks really good.

Al Khan Eidekay"AT" Sat Aug 8 21:23:43 EDT 1998

Anyone who helps others from different faiths to understand Islam correctly, will do a great service and earn the greatest reward from the Alimighty. I believe your site will help others understand Islam better. Keep up the good work.

DENISE SMALL VIOLET3552"AT"AOL.COM Mon Aug 10 09:35:02 EDT 1998


Srinidhi Anantharamiah, PhD Srinidhia"AT" Thu Aug 13 00:05:14 EDT 1998

Delighted to be acquainted with your website. It presents a fair and a balanced perspective on issues impacting the Islamic world. The time has come for Christians and Muslims, the world's two largest religious communities, to build a common ground in their respective societies and countries based on mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. Christians and Muslims for Peace should be path to follow in the coming century. COOPERATION NOT COLLISION!!! Bless you!!

ahmd abdel-mawgood ahmad1999"AT" Sat Aug 15 11:44:43 EDT 1998

Allahu Akbar

Meikiel Sadeeiq meikiel786"AT" Tue Aug 25 14:00:59 EDT 1998

Great page

Mostafa Mond Mostafa21"AT" Wed Aug 26 04:06:35 EDT 1998

In light of the recent problems with animals like Bin laden I feel I should say something on the subject of terrorism and it's relation to Islam. The koran says that under no circumstances should innocent people be killed. Any murder is condemned in the Koran. But there are fanatics who do political killings and try to justify their actions by claiming they are doing it in the name of religion.

Christians don't want the religion of Christianity to be blamed for the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Hitler, abortion clinic bombings, the Crusades, the inquisition, the Halocaust, colonialism, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Timothy Mcveigh and his oklahoma bombing, the Heavens gate suicide cult, all of which were done in the name of Christianity. This is because these people or actions I have just mentioned don't represent what the Bible states or what Christians believe.

For the same reasons, we muslims don't like the religion of Islam to be blamed for the actions of some animals with political agendas or fanatics who also do horrifying acts of atrocities in the name of Islam. Islam forbids and condemns murder. Please don't blame Islam for what fanatics do.

Abdul Rahman Crispin arahman"AT"richnet,net Mon Aug 31 20:19:22 EDT 1998

Assalaam 'Alaikum, You are doing a great job! I spent the last hour reading articles from "news & views".

Mohamed Ghazali info1"AT" Mon Aug 31 21:53:19 EDT 1998

This is a very pleasant looking and equally informative site. Job Well Done!

Mohammed Imtiaz Alvi imtiaz_alvi"AT" Fri Sep 4 16:09:11 EDT 1998

Iam a grad student at Louisiana Tech Univ.I want to know more about your organisation.

Abshir Warsame Aamiin"AT" Sat Sep 5 03:34:40 EDT 1998

What an excellent work! I am true believer of Islam and wish the rest of the world should learn more and more about Islam and the truth behind it. It is everybodies responsibility to seek the truth and ignore the media madness. If you are serious about finding the truth all you need to do is pick up the Holly Koran from your local library. I wish ALLAH forgive us and lead us to the right bath which is indeed the ULTIMATE TRUTH OF ISLAM.

Hena Farooq noor1"AT" Sat Sep 5 23:54:09 EDT 1998

"The Truth About Islam" poster is definitely one of the best publications I have seen. It presents Islam justly to the best of its ability in a nutshell. The Wisdom Fund should come up with various other publications that will further the da'wah project so desperately needed in this society. Insh'allah you should work on distributing the poster as was done in DC in other major cities such as NYC, Seattle, Atlanta, etc...

Zaneer Zaneer"AT" Tue Sep 8 20:29:47 EDT 1998

Asslamu Alaikum, This is a good site who are in search for the truth. The truth should be propagated so that the falsehood vanishes . It should be proved Terrorism is mainly the creation of media which stands with the majority and not with the truth.

God bless.

Rahil saqib"AT" Mon Sep 14 16:02:09 EDT 1998

assalam-u-aalaikum, Taj mahal "love" islam k liye sab sahi hona chai hai..

Junaid ashraf junaid_ashraf"AT" Mon Sep 14 16:05:55 EDT 1998

Great job of presenting an accurate image of Islam. The press releases are particularly useful in providing a more balanced perspective of events than one finds in mainstream media.

Aqiylah Abdulhaqq aqiylah"AT" Tue Oct 6 15:41:44 EDT 1998

Thanks for telling it like it is and providing some tools to get started! I added a link to my personal webpage. As-salaamu alaikum.

Abu Ahmad dkurniadi"AT" Tue Oct 13 21:35:55 EDT 1998

Assalamu'alaikum wa rohmatullohi wa barokaatuhu Islam is solution for our life. Jazakalloh khoiron ...

Wassalam. ahukum fillah min Indonesia

Syed M.Hameed Chishty services"AT" Fri Oct 16 14:55:32 EDT 1998

I have liked your site

sifa al huda sifaa"AT" Fri Oct 30 17:46:06 EST 1998

Am I very glad to find this site, I really want to have various friends all over the world to gain the unity of Islam in the world, please contact me at Pondok Modern Gontor Ponorogo East Java Indonesia gontor"AT"

William W. Baker camp"AT" Sat Oct 31 11:28:41 EST 1998

Welcome to CAMP, Christians and Muslims for Peace. CAMP is a nonprofit organization comprised of Christian and Muslim men and women, dedicated to the promotion of Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation between the world’s two largest religions comprising nearly half of the world population.

hassan s1266221"AT" Sun Nov 1 00:02:22 EST 1998



Rabih Bleik manks"AT" Wed Nov 11 14:15:22 EST 1998

I wish you the best of luck in showing the true face of our religion, and may Allah bless you and all our brothers and sisters in the world.

Leonard Clapp lclapp"AT" Sat Nov 14 22:47:06 EST 1998

Dear Mr. Masud: You are looking at the situation through Islamic glasses. The U.S. is looking at it through Zionist glasses. Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh also looked through the same glasses that you are using, on the one hand, and Truman and Nixon looked through the same glasses that Clinton is using. Wouldn't you say it is time to examine the glasses? The fool Saddam Hussein is following in the footsteps of his predessors, Kim and Ho Chi Minh, who led their nations to poverty. How many times do you wish to repeat this exercise?

Khoda Negahdar Leonard Clapp

Muhammad Jamil Minhas echem"AT" Thu Nov 19 20:27:42 EST 1998

You are doing good service for Islam May God help you to do more

Syed R. Mahmood syedrmahmood"AT" Fri Nov 20 21:54:41 EST 1998

Please keep up the good work. May Allah bless us all.

Shafi Refai srefai"AT" Sun Nov 22 15:38:20 EST 1998

There are many web sites disseminating the information about Islam. The information provided by this site is best so far.

Khurram khurrams"AT" Wed Nov 25 13:24:44 EST 1998

Hi .. nice site .. keep it up

hussain mani"AT" Wed Nov 25 22:49:20 EST 1998

Excellent work ! keep it up

mary lou graham maria"AT" Thu Nov 26 22:45:55 EST 1998

pleased to find interested persons who place vital information for us. Only hope that more of this concern expresses truth and options of action.

Abdullah Al AMin amin"AT" Mon Nov 30 12:08:54 EST 1998

Muslims should not be spoon-feeding the non-muslims a "low-fat" diet of Islam in order to just get some praise from them,Whether they praise it or blame it,Islam is the ONLY deen in the Eyes of Allah, if you as a muslim did not believe this then why are you Muslim? Your so-much-advertized poster hint at the possibility that other religions than Islam can give you Success or Paradise, this is NOT CORRECT in this age when only following the teachings of Muhammad(may peace be upon him) is the way to salvation. If you and me,the muslims practice full Islam, that will be enough to show what "The Truth About Islam" really is.

arc arcrandall Mon Nov 30 20:54:33 EST 1998

please e-mail me with as much information about the crisis in Iraq. I'd really enjoy knowing more about it. Thank You very much.

Respectfully Yours, ARC

Masintan Masintan"AT"hotmail Tue Dec 8 01:02:19 EST 1998

Thanks for potraying the good side of Muslim. Every believers have it's bad side. And how quick it is for us human to blame the Qur'an, Bible & Torah. We are accountable for all the miseries, not those books, and not somebody have to die for all our wrongdoings throughout the history.

Fahd Baig m_fahd_baig"AT" Thu Dec 10 05:57:12 EST 1998

Fun site, learned a lot. Will be back to check later postings!!

Masood 74431.1513"AT" Wed Dec 23 10:56:35 EST 1998

Great site! I really look forward to your mail and news. May Allah SWT bless you and yours.

SKHAN skhan"AT" Sun Dec 27 16:34:30 EST 1998

Keep up the good Work

Anser Azim Azim"AT" Mon Jan 4 15:28:59 EST 1999

I liked your site and appreciate your work. But inspite of the fact that Islam preaches tolerance very few care. Only today I read that 16 muslims/Shias were killed in Pakistan and that too in this holy month. What a shame!! Because of these barbaric acts it is difficult to call oneself a Muslim these days.

Camilia Kuriam camilia.ehab"AT" Wed Jan 20 04:15:23 EST 1999

This is truly a valuable site. Well done. I would like to offer my help and support to you and to every Musliam who may needs further encouragemnt in beholding the message.

ABUBAKAR MANSAB Abubaker"AT" Wed Jan 20 10:27:43 EST 1999

Many thanks for your great effort in trying to give Islam its true and real picture to the world.This is against the notion that Islam is all about or equated to violence and terrorism.

peni d. anggari Peni73"AT" Mon Jan 25 04:29:40 EST 1999

Assalamualaikum! I'm really glad to know about Islam in American. It's very nice to know that I have many brothers and sisters moslem in America. I would like to sharing information aboutIslam and moslem in Indonesia. I would like to welcome anyone who wants to know about anything in Indonesian (especially about Islam). Thank you so much and forgive me for my terrible English. May Allah always bless us, Amien!

Wassalamualaikum! Sincelery Yours P e n i

hassan hhass026" Sat Jan 30 00:06:18 EST 1999

asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters in islam. May ALLAH( SWT) reward you for the excellent your are doing. wasalam!!

Suzanne Masri halwa"AT" Wed Feb 10 03:27:47 EST 1999

G'day, I'm a Beirutian-Lebanese currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Just wanted to say that this is the first time seeing something like this, about Islam in public-it's fantastic..this shows what a good image Muslims are portraying about their beautiful religion. Good on ya! Keep the good work up! Salaam alaikum, Suzanne




Walid S. afghan"AT" Thu Feb 18 19:35:15 EST 1999

This is a great website that teaches the uneducated about islam about our religion. This is a great religion and it should be represented very carefully so that it does not create a bad image for others. Keep up the good work.

Juma'at mdjumaat"AT" Sun Feb 21 18:56:51 EST 1999

Well,your web site's sure gonna be 'A Somethin''.Good job! It's like a dartboard.They can hit and try any numbers,but like all games,there are rules.And the Winner takes all. wassalam.

Adam y_adam_p"AT" Tue Feb 23 00:01:19 EST 1999

I love every moslems all the world to make Islam be the highest.

Dr. Abeer Zakaria zabeer"AT" Wed Feb 24 04:34:14 EST 1999

Congratulations for the wep site,I am interesting to know about and share in the call to islam in Europe.

Bash Jikiri hijrah1450"AT" Tue Mar 2 11:42:12 EST 1999

Assalamu Alaykum. We are happy to learned of your presence in the internet wherein we can share our feelings with brothers outside of the Philippines. We would like to bring to your attention that there are Muslims here in our place truly believe and practice the Islamic way. This is one objective that this foundation was formed. "Al-Hisbah Foundation".

Hope to hear from you.

Brotherly yours,

Bash Jikiri President, Al-Hisbah Foundation (Phil.)

Haj Mohammed Boraby oct29th"AT" Tue Mar 2 23:45:27 EST 1999

May Allah guide us all to be better servants in his cause. Brother Anver, I will be greatfull if you can send me any litreture about the wisdom fund and islam in general. looking forward to see you in Toledo again soon, inshallah.

M. Adam nospam"AT" Sat Mar 6 20:04:33 EST 1999

I would like to compliment and congratulate you on the excellent work that you are doing. I have read most of the material from your website and regard it as one of the best on the Internet to expose the oppression of the Muslims in various parts of the world. You have very good and high calibre articles. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

Nick Luciano nl1152"AT" Wed Mar 17 22:30:51 EST 1999

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Saddam Hussein is a threat to his own people, not to mention the American way of life (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals, not just Americans). I find this site's apparent defense of his regime appauling. He has disregarded international law since the end of the Persian Gulf War. The United Nations imposed sanctions on his government at the conclusion of that war that were never satisfied, and it seems that it is only the United States that wishes to see these demands met. Now it is the United States that is being lambasted for violation of Iraq's right of sovereignty. Disgusting!

Dian Suita dsuita"AT" Sun Mar 28 03:39:56 EST 1999

Thank you for the spirit of telling the truth about Islam. My Allah Subhana Wata'ala bless all of us. I am a journalist at Antara, the Indonesian National News Agency. Is it possible for you to send me regulalry your press release , so i could use it in my stories. Thank you very much

Aliyyah Hosein shuffir"AT" Sun Mar 28 18:57:32 EST 1999

I just wanted to say "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK". Your'e doing a great job.

Anayat Durrani Anayat411"AT" Wed Mar 31 15:42:42 EST 1999

Asalamu alaikum. This is a really good site!! Keep up the good work! Saalam, Sister Anayat Durrani Editor -- Islam in the United States

Aliyyah Hosein shuffir"AT" Thu Apr 1 15:28:04 EST 1999

Assalamu Alaikum, I just wanted to commend you all on the ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC WEBSITE you have created. GREAT JOB!!!

Hassan Ahmed hassan98"AT" Fri Apr 2 02:21:48 EST 1999

Excellent organization and open, easy-to-interpret view of Islam open to people of any decree. Mashallah-Good job, guys!

John S. Pritchett pritchett"AT" Fri Apr 2 21:17:49 EST 1999

Thank you for the excellent content at the Wisdom Fund web site. Slobodan Milosevic is a butcher and should be brought to justice. The question is, can Bill Clinton do it? Or, will he bungle it? Please see my caricature of Milosevic at:

sami mousa samimousa"AT" Wed Apr 14 03:36:54 EDT 1999

Very good job, thank you very much (barakallah feecom)

Louis Volse lvolse"AT" Tue Apr 27 15:08:03 EDT 1999

A great article on "Bill Clinton's War". Keep up your efforts to sow the seeds of wisdom into the scorched soil of our media's usual propaganda.

William C. Lingard ve6e09"AT" Thu Apr 29 01:04:07 EDT 1999

As a child in the thirties and early forties I spent a good deal of time in movie theaters. Spectacles such as Under Two Flags, Beau Geste, Four Feathers, The Charge Of The Light Brigade were my favorites. Thank God, I was not an mpressionable kid, for I later realized that movies such as these painted Arabs, Africans, the Peoples of India and Pakistan as contemptible and deceitful When, in fact, that was not true. I often wonder how many other kids grew up hating Muslims based on such movies. I believe now that there was a deliberate attempt on the part of the Anglo Saxon world to create mistrust of the Muslim world.

Ashraf Mills mujahid"AT" Fri Apr 30 19:51:06 EDT 1999

assalaam mu alaikum I am from South Africa alhamdulillah, your work is good may Allah eccept it propergate the practical Islaam, as was shown by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) people must see the deen nul Islaam, not read about it. Wassalaam

Sumayah g.samani"AT" Tue May 4 17:09:46 EDT 1999

I am a revert to islam.i converted to Islam when i was 14 years old. I am now 20 years old. I am studying chemistry at university. I am interested in learning more about Islam. There are some useful sites on the net and i have learnt quite i bit. I intend to learn a lot more Inshallah.

Ibrahim ibrahim"AT" Sun May 9 08:35:04 EDT 1999

As Salaam U Alaikum wr wb. I am a brother from Sydney in Australia and I was recently advised of your page by I must say I was a bit surprised to find such a nice site available and I would like to say that its so nice that Muslims are finally working together as you are probably aware is dedicated to the Inculcation of Islam to Non Muslims and to Muslims alike. keep up the good work Wa Alaikum Salaam wr wb Ibrahim

zuraini jaafar zjaafar"AT" Thu May 13 06:46:36 EDT 1999


Keep up the excellent work. Insya Allah , the good work shall be rewarded accordingly!JazakAllah.Wassalam.

Che'Tom Binti Abd.Ghani abdu0050"AT" Mon May 31 02:19:48 EDT 1999

The hadis should be given in arabic before being translated to English. and it is also not completed with when and to whom it was said to. I would like to have more information about disables people like deaf, blind and mental retardation in quranic and hadis point of view.

Thank you, Che'Tom binti abdul Ghani

Salau Babatunde Tajuden Tunde.Salau"AT" Mon Jun 7 07:32:21 EDT 1999

As-salamu alaykum. I should be grateful if you would send by e.mail to me materials or publications or lectures on Islam and Democracy. May Allah reward you abundantly

Ahmad Abdul-Qadir ahmad"AT" Wed Jun 9 16:25:18 EDT 1999

This site is beautiful for what it accomplishes and for the clear, simple to follow style that it uses to promote Islamic activism. Far too often, we see sites that are convoluted and nearly impossible to decipher, even for well-informed Muslims. This site tells how groups can get involved and why to start now, locally, and how to make individual efforts into a collective powerhouse. Jazakoum Allah Khayrun. We are trying to accomplish the same thing with our organization, Akhera Development Group. Our Web site is still a work in progress.

EG Hughes eghughes"AT" Wed Jun 9 16:48:21 EDT 1999

There is precious little cogent and fair-minded analysis available anywhere. thanks for your efforts. -egh

Aaminah Raheemah rosemaryi"AT" Fri Jun 11 12:00:56 EDT 1999

I am pleased to find your website. I live in an area where it is difficult to interact with other Muslims and there are no Islamic bookstores or other means of getting information or learning. I find myself so lacking in knowledge, and now I am able to find answers to my questions as well as access to the Hadiths. May Allah bless you for the work you are doing.

Bob Sulayman Effendi bob911"AT" Fri Jun 11 19:42:31 EDT 1999

Im from Indonesia, the largest Muslim country. Eventhough over 80% are Muslim but I would say that we are the minority here, very sad, because most of the socio-politic-ecomomy power is held by the Non-Muslim (Catholics). Right now because of the economic crisis, 60 Million of our Muslim brothers is out of job, while alot of our leaders still intoxicated with power and corruption. I would like to help my brother (most still earns less than a dollar a day. Please tell me how do I get contact with Islamic organization that would help fellow brothers.

peter gunn polywave_98"AT" Mon Jun 14 17:53:18 EDT 1999

I am surprised that you did not mention Pakistan as a rogue state. This country is at the center of worldwide terrorism. If the west do not disarm this country of its nuclear capabilities then we are going to pay a very heavy price in the future.

Danielle Connor danielleconnor"AT" Mon Jun 28 02:03:07 EDT 1999

Thank you for my one free copy of "The truth About Islam", I have been researching Islam on the internet so that I may learn more about this faith as I have some Muslim friends and I wanted to respect their life and religion. I found my studies very interesting...I was surprised at the similarity between christen religions....up until now I heard the word Muslim and I thought of ladies wearing I know the Muslim Religion is much more...I find it interesting and refreshing.

Abedullah Haroone haroone"AT" Fri Jul 9 01:34:13 EDT 1999

Assalamu-Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

This great work of Dawa will count in hereafter, so, Please countinuing to do this job. Almighty ALLAH (SWT)will give you the reward. May ALLAH eccept all of us. A M E E N.

FAHIM RIZ dolomite"AT" Tue Jul 13 07:46:12 EDT 1999

Dear Brothers & sisters,we thank your information using this page, I please to inform to every muslims to pray almyty allah five times & ask your duas.

Conor Roantree conor.r"AT" Mon Jul 19 19:23:06 EDT 1999

I like your site very interesting

Abraar Mirage_56"AT" Wed Jul 21 15:31:28 EDT 1999

Assalaamu alaikum, i am a muslim woman from South africa, cape town, and i would like to say that you have a wonderful site, and that you should keep up the good work, Inshallah (ameen) . Last but not least i would like to say Thank you so much, its not always we tend to thank those who works so hard on putting something as wonderful and informative such as this together.... :) May The Almighty bless all of you, and may you only strive to do better and better in in future .

ali gazel agazel"AT" Sat Jul 24 18:52:32 EDT 1999

This a very good site.Beautiful Work , ALHAMDULILLAH.from Turkey

Mohammed Isselaatan m_isselaatan"AT" Mon Jul 26 19:35:54 EDT 1999

This website is a really good becuase it´s shows the real religion of Islam. Peace and Harmoni.

Good work, keep on doing this important work.

Heather Jewell hejewell"AT" Fri Sep 3 23:26:03 EDT 1999

Great work! Keep it up. I'll visit as often as I can. Thank you, Heather Jewell hejewell"AT"

Sulaiman Solano pobox1429"AT" Sun Sep 12 16:51:46 EDT 1999

Assalaums Alaikum: As a native of Puerto Rico who reverted to Islam it makes me very happy to have access to your webpage. Sulaiman Solano PO Box 1429 Brownsville, Texas 78522-1429

-anonymous- -none- Mon Sep 13 15:33:34 EDT 1999

Wonderful job. We muslims need more people like you. I would like to stress for anybody who reads this who is misinformed that Jihad is only battle and blood that this is also Jihad. Jihad is "struggling for the sake of Allah (God). Keep up the good work guys, and may Allah give you Paradise.

ahmed versi versi"AT" Mon Sep 13 19:15:03 EDT 1999

good site

Anooshirvan Ghazai aghazai"AT" Fri Sep 24 18:01:53 EDT 1999

Thank you for providing us with your perspective of today's events. I have been reading your news items and atricles with great interest.In my openion what distinguishes your coverage of the news from the other so called mass media is the emphasis on the history of such conflicts. It is a pleasure to read your articles.

Anooshirvan Ghazai, San Francisco, California

Andrea Pellettiere apellett"AT" Fri Sep 24 18:08:25 EDT 1999

I am currently a graduate student in the anthropology dept. at Kent State University. I am doing my thesis on the way in which Islam influences Muslim women' s political activism within the United States. I am also a Muslim of Albanian, Turkish and Italian descent. I am currently collecting information from women involved in various Muslim organizations.

Christopher James Bennett Chris438"AT" Wed Sep 29 00:02:56 EDT 1999

An interesting and helpfull sight for some of my many questions concerning the world and Islam. Thank you

No Yanks and pigs please YankWhacker"AT" Fri Oct 1 01:01:06 EDT 1999

Nice website, but lets be honest, no one who studies history and is sincere cannot deny that the Americans are a bunch of scum bags ( YES, YOU MY DEAR "AMERICAN" ) and looters. They've spread their misery wherever they've gone. And guess what yanks ? If you ever came to my country with false charges cooked up about "weapons of mass destruction" or some other BS to justify your military budgets and your pathetic need to have an're going back to the states in a body bag. Bet on it.

Jamel Nu jhkhk Thu Oct 7 16:00:52 EDT 1999

Look you arabs think you know the truth about Islam, but you let Christians and Jews pervert it with their wealth. You don't strive for refinement, all you want to do it past judgement on someone else. Islam is not a fade, it is truth and whatever form it may come. Arab and Islam is not synonyms. If you are true to Allah, then lead the way to destroy all evil on earth, don't do it because your scared your monies are going to run out. Embrace those who want to see you successfull , don't be so easily fooled, Allah is Great. Allah will be here soon, so make sure your house is clean, before you judge.

Jerry Schmidt` ar429"AT" Fri Oct 8 00:15:32 EDT 1999

I write for a few socially conscious journals on political and economic issues. Right now I'm trying to obtain as much information as possible on the worker's struggle in Indonesia against the government and their corporate partners. I believe they are in a pre- revolutionary stage. Are there any grass root sources there that I may engage in a dialog with reporting on labor organizing and resistance to the military etc.? Thanks. Jerry Schmidt.

Abedu Weldeab Abedunur"AT" Tue Oct 12 05:06:37 EDT 1999

This good

Syed Abbas Zaidi abbas"AT" Tue Oct 12 21:41:37 EDT 1999

This is a beautiful site. I am pleased to have come across it and intend to read it in it's entirety. Beautiful pictures as well. There are a few similar pictures if you follow the link to "The PRESENT" from Take care and happy surfing. Abbas Zaidi

Shaikh Mohammed (Jeddah, KSA) shaikhr50"AT" Sun Nov 7 08:53:14 EST 1999

It's a excellent web-site and I came to know about lot of things. Let's organize team for region wise to hold contacts via e-mail so, people will be connected to each other. So, we can distribute locally the events taking place around world.

Flemming Behrend fcbridge"AT" Tue Nov 9 12:15:58 EST 1999

Thanks for speaking out and educating the world about Islam. As a newcommer among Muslims I appreciate your voice. Thanks Flemming Behrend

Leonard Clapp lclapp"AT" Mon Nov 15 10:16:31 EST 1999

Re: Responsibility for Chechnian disaster. You are absolute- ly correct that the U.S. is partly responsible for the Russian attack on Chechnya. However, responsibility also rests with two other sources, Chechnya itself, and the OIC, primarily Iran. The incursion into Dagestan should never have happened, and political activism should not have occurred. Islamic states continue to insist on military means and goals to achieve their ends. Instead, they should have established close economic and trading ties in a pan Islamic common market which would have forged a bond like that of the EU or that between the U.S. states. Such a bond would then tie the entire Central Asian area, and the Caucasus, to each other, and completely revise the position of the Islamic nations, both internally and externally, socially and econ- ically.

An American Muslim none Mon Nov 15 14:36:40 EST 1999

Information is truly power. And may you be ever more powerful in spreading Truth.

Peace to You all.

Abu Ibrahim ebraaheem"AT" Wed Nov 17 02:18:32 EST 1999

As-salaamu Alaikum,Thank you for this very informative web site,it's truly a benefits to the muslim ummah. May Allah reward you.


Prof.Dr. Tá Há Husayn al-Rumi al-Matwali shia"AT" Wed Nov 17 05:04:46 EST 1999

Assalamu Alaykum! Bismillah! Your site is an example of common sense and illustrated opinion. Islam is represented by you with dignity and knowledge. Receive my greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my wishes for steady advancement.

Fleur van Veghel fleurvanveghel"AT" Wed Nov 17 05:32:00 EST 1999

Hi! We're two girls and were doing an essay about Islam. The problem is that we can't find any info about Islam marrage. Now, the address I placed upon this page does not exist, but I couldn't mail you elseways. Could you please send us some info about Islam marrage, birth and death. We'd be very thankfull. Send your info to: FLEUR VAN VEGHEL ALDENHOF 64 01 6537 DD NIJMEGEN, HOLLAND

Bano Makhdoom bano786"AT" Wed Nov 17 05:45:21 EST 1999


A humble Brother in Islam TotalSubmission"AT" Thu Nov 18 10:03:26 EST 1999

THE TRUTH SHOULD BE FREE!!!! Let the TRUTH About Islam posters be available to those visiting this site to read.

We don't need to "Blank out or Blur the TRUTH"

Allah is the Provider

Ya'Allah accept and reward our humble efforts.

PS. Message to Muslims surfing to this site. If we find this site informative, then starting with me, we need to show our support with our money so that the posters etc. can then be sent free or at minimum cost to those who request it. If I am not part of the Solution then I am part of the Problem

Aisha Strickland Aisha890"AT" Thu Nov 18 11:17:19 EST 1999

All Praise to Allah this is one of the better web sight on Islam. I send to all of you wa salaam.


Roya W. None Mon Nov 22 14:51:18 EST 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters, First off I would just like to congratulate you on a job well done! This site truly does convey the the truth behind Islam. Keep it up! Next I would like to say something to certain people who signed the guestbook: SHER, when did Muslims ever try to travel the world and force people to convert to Islam? It was actually Christians who did just that! So don't go around condemning Muslims for forcefully converting people to their religion! And as for MARK CUSHMAN, RYAN WOOF, AND RKNIGHT, Whatever happened to Freedom of speech and Freedom of religion? We are practicing our constitutional rights, if you don't like it, don't visit Islamic sites. What we need in this world today are more people like WILLIAM BAKER (I CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR EFFORT). Thank you for your time. Once again May Allah reward you for your sincere services to our blessed faith! God Bless! A Muslim sister, Roya W.

Jake Olsen bb"AT" Wed Nov 24 03:34:32 EST 1999

Great site. Keep up the good work. Oh yes, I think americans have once again prooved their stupidity and ignorance with the EgyptAir plane crash. America has to put out of its misery, and the galant herioc God-fearing Muslims are the ones to do it. Hah ! bet that got your ignorant christian/jewish/hindu ass pissed ! GOOD !

meera laila norris lailanorris"AT" Thu Nov 25 15:12:19 EST 1999

salamalycum my name is meera, and i am a muslim alhamdilah, but i am the only muslim in a town of 10 thousand, i dont know when ramdan is, i know it is soon, but when exactly, thanks. peace be with you mimi

surya surya666"AT" Tue Nov 30 08:26:03 EST 1999

thanks for the interesting news and info on islam i wish to have more literature on this religion

Sarah manager"AT" Sat Dec 4 22:00:59 EST 1999

Assalamu 'alaikum,

May God reward your efforts! Keep up the good work. p.s. Islamic Book Service (IBS) has a great selection of books, videos, audios and gift items, please check them out at

naazneen naazneen"AT" Sun Dec 5 22:01:25 EST 1999

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

By the will of Allah, may all muslims unite and help spread Islam. i commend you guys for this site. I am a student at the University of Washington and part of the MSA group there. currently i am looking to organize a group to help raise money against the atrociy occuring against the muslims in kashmir. please please please if any of you know groups helping fund those suffering there, let me know!!! i would greatly appreciate that!! thank you.

khuda hafiz, naazneen

faiza zaza921"AT" Mon Dec 6 10:29:20 EST 1999

in one word..................................wonderful! the way islam is in its true meaning...........keep up the good work!

fatima melosh fmelosh1"AT" Wed Dec 15 15:41:40 EST 1999

assalamou alailoum, what are the latest news in chechnan< please let me known

thank you

and may Allah grand us victory Inchallah

RICHARD J SMTH yoteret"AT" Sat Dec 18 18:32:25 EST 1999

I am impressed with this web site. I would like, however, to read more hadith about Christians and Jews and Muslim relations with the. thank you

burhan shehu buauto"AT" Sat Dec 18 20:17:00 EST 1999

i am a balkan-boy,and as everyone else from yugoslavia,i have seen a lot of discrimination.we were separated from religion partly,so we are partly muslims.this web site has shown to me a lot of beautiful things about islam. i hope that there is going to be more islamic web pages like this one.

Christopher DarkLight darklight79"AT" Wed Dec 29 07:31:40 EST 1999

Nice place, I like the truth about Islam flyer.

N. Amer nanaamer"AT" Wed Dec 29 22:23:05 EST 1999

Thank you for this web page. May God bless you and reward you for this wonderful work. Please add my name to your mailing list. Peace on Earth.

Naeem naeemahsan"AT" Sun Jan 2 06:19:52 EST 2000

I don't think that you should put LORD Muhammed. Because that is not the way in which Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) is addressed in the Islamic books and even in conversation. Lord is only Allah (The Most High). Muhammed (PBUH) is only His (MH) messanger.

Jean Jeannieous"AT" Wed Jan 5 23:18:16 EST 2000

My History teacher gave my this website to look for info on our middle east projects. this is an interesting site. :)

William Cochrane wiggly"AT" Sat Jan 8 02:04:03 EST 2000

Hi, I seek advice on islam. My ex-girlfriend is thinking of converting to islam. This worries me for I know the type of lively out going person she is. I fear that she will find the isalmic life stlye limiting. I know I have little knowlege of this, and call on anyone who can advise me. I'm interested in knowing such things as: How must women dress in islam? Can they wear bathing costumes? Will she be allowed to continue a proffecional carreer once married? Will she be required to go for prayer at certain times, and fast at certain times? I know that drinking alcohol is a no no, but if she doesnt convert and still marries a muslim, what will be expected of her then? All comments welcome.

norodin s. casib 234."AT" Sun Jan 9 08:04:26 EST 2000

It has been a long time already that a lot of people misunderstood Islam because of wrong informations given to them by non muslims . Thanks for this web site.

Norah.painter norah.painter"AT"talk21 Mon Jan 10 19:27:27 EST 2000

My daughter began to study Islam in her Religious Education lessons in her Catholic school and I have been helping her. I had a basic knowledge of Islam through reading and general knowledge. I just want to say that as a practising Catholic , I did not realise the beauty of Islam and how much we share.We are now much more open to listening to our Muslim neighbours.Thank you for your website.

w w"AT" Sat Jan 15 03:43:03 EST 2000

For a comprehensive resource on Osama bin Laden, containing background information, fatwas, documents, updated news, interviews, message board, photo gallery, and more visit

Ikranagara ikranagara"AT" Wed Jan 19 00:45:19 EST 2000

Thank you for posting about the bias done by US journalism on the news about Ambon. I feel the anti-Moslem mentality of their news. The problem is, how could we counter them? If in the US exist "Christian Science Monitor", what the Moslem had in the US? We have to work together on this filed, forget our internal differences, and let be objective on spreading the news on Moslem world. But, could we don this? As up to now, every Moslem group (also in the level of national as my country) couldn't do this, but always being partisan. So, in this case we're no different than they are on being bias too. We should start to do the right thing in the media (and everything) starting now to make us different than them. Insya Allah!

Adi Damar Prasetya adidamar"AT" Thu Jan 20 06:30:49 EST 2000

I'm moslem and I support you all to tell them The truth of Islam, but we have to counter unbalance news from kafirin media, because right now the non-moslem media have biggest and largest domination in this world and sometimes they news are unbalance and unfair.

Mujahid Husain mujahid_husain"AT" Fri Jan 28 11:38:15 EST 2000

Assalaamalikum Your contribution to Islam through this media is so valuable to all that Almighty ALLAH will reward you. ALLAH bless your work. I wish you the best of luck in showing the true face of our religion Islam.

Hakeem Khan Guyana Thu Feb 10 19:02:54 EST 2000

Mail us at : Anna Catherina Islamic Complex, Lots 111A, 111B, 112A, & 112B, Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara, Guyana. Fax: 068-2245

afshan khan afshan18"AT" Tue Feb 15 06:36:44 EST 2000

nice &beautiful website

Abduraghiem Johnstone gmn26"AT" Mon Feb 21 18:48:38 EST 2000

Interesting site. As a muslim from South Africa I find many of the articles in "news and views" defensive. I am interested in talking to muslim film makers and producers with the idea to colloborate and share ideas in realising my "Muslims in Europe" project . thank you Salaam.

Paul W. McCrary pmccrary"AT" Thu Feb 24 00:32:49 EST 2000

I would like to find a poster, painting, or picture of Muhammad the Prophet. Where can I find one?

Thank you

P.W. McCrary

N. Amer nanaamer"AT" Sat Feb 26 07:24:53 EST 2000

This is a great effort to put together this wonderful web page. Congratulation to a job well done. I thank God that it is being statistically reported that "ISLAM" is the fastiest growing religion in the United States and the West. Thank God for submitting myself to Islam, the costitution of my life. Peace on earth.

maya maya_manan"AT" Tue Feb 29 03:34:03 EST 2000

I am very glad whenever i found this site. I would like to have so many knowledge about ISLAM or other religion that believe thereis only one GOD, not two or zoroaster,nasrani. Please contact me..I need it so much!

Tania Kamal-Eldin tkamalel"AT" Sat Mar 4 16:04:35 EST 2000

I am an independent filmmaker. Recently I produced a documentary called Hollywood Harems. This production shows how Middle Easterners are stereotyped in Hollywood films, historically until the present. The focus is on women’s roles.

Hollywood Harems premiered at the Middle East Studies Association conference and has been enthusiastically received by wide ranging audiences. I think these documentary serves as a valuable education tool to inform viewers of the negative stereotypes prevalent in American media, including movies.

Now I am interested in working on a sort of sequel to Hollywood Harems. I am interested in producing another documentary focussing specifically on how Muslims are portrayed in Western films.

I need financing for this project since documentaries incur substantial costs and are time consuming. I was wondering if you could help me with names and contacts of organizations that might be interested in funding this important project.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Tania Kamal-Eldin

George Kassel gkassel"AT" Mon Mar 6 15:15:28 EST 2000

A friend emailed me a review of a new book, about the 'war' on Islam. There is an excellent bookstore here in Berkeleywho should be interested in stocking your book--Black Oak Books. Phone is : 510-486-0698.

Thank you,

George Kassel, Jewish

khmustafa khmustafa"AT" Wed Mar 8 11:56:41 EST 2000

keep it up.keep giving more information. Than Q

Drogo drogo"AT" Sat Mar 11 07:54:40 EST 2000

May God ( whose name be exalted ) grant success to us and you in all that He desires and loves, of word and deed, and theory and practice, and light and guidance. Verily, He is over all things powerful and fit to Answer.

Kitabu'l Ajwibah, Ibn 'Arabi.

Riluvan rilwan22"AT" Sat Mar 18 14:07:20 EST 2000

I've some concern, sometimes painin' me,but I mightbe wrong, if I'm wrong correct me or if not consider it for a while What I feel for our society, the elders of this generation did very little for the educational upliftment of our society and I feel bit irresponsible too. I just want u'r organization to start some good educational instittution which can provide latest technology to our youngsters , free of cost and atleast will help our young ones to bring them up.

Dr. M. Amir Ali iiie"AT" Wed Mar 22 18:21:13 EST 2000

Keep up with the good work. Muslims have two challenges of equal importance: (1) Calling Muslims to the Qur'an and sunnah and making sectarianism irrelevant, and (2) Calling non-Muslims to Islam. There are over 80% population of the world which need to know Islam before accepting or rejcting. If Muslims fail to do their job, their Salat, Sawm, etc are not acceptable to Allah. Ahbata a'malahum.

nila quark"AT" Sun Mar 26 06:28:39 EST 2000

assalamu'alaikum This web site is great. I can know a lot from this web site and I'd like to know other news . coz I think we need to know the truth about Islam activities in the world.

Bangasamoro On-Line webmaster"AT" Sun Apr 16 13:18:48 EDT 2000

Long live to the entire Muslims worldwide, victory to the Chechen Mujahedeen, victory to the Bangsamoro Mujahedeen in the Philippines, victory to the Kashmiri Mujahedeen.

Bonifacio Amado M. Quirog, Jr. boniq"AT" Sun Apr 16 23:23:14 EDT 2000

I'm very interested to learn the kind of Islam that promotes nonviolence.

Shamsul Tawhid tawhid"AT", stawhid"AT" Fri May 5 22:28:37 EDT 2000

It is a wonderful idea. Many non muslims may try to know the truth - Islam. One Allah and Prophet Mohammad ( S ).

abdel rahman abu ras fekrey_center"AT" Sat May 6 02:54:01 EDT 2000

assalamu alikum: i am a youngman from palistine(jerusalem),i am very happy to see this nice site,and i hope to be friend of all visitors of this site...

Dawn "Fajr" Pisturino chance"AT" Fri Jun 9 12:35:50 EDT 2000

Dear Mr. Masud:

As-salaamu 'alaikum!

I have enjoyed reading your book (The War on Islam) very much, and I agree with it.

Thank you for writing this much-needed book.


Dawn "Fajr" Pisturino chance"AT"

Aki Nuhur Aki"AT" Mon Jun 12 11:42:16 EDT 2000

Don't forget the massacres of Ad Diein, El Jebelein, Juba and wau and do not tell the world lies. Aki Nuhur

halimah_shalabah halimah_shalabah "AT" Sun Jun 18 12:20:11 EDT 2000

is very good and make easy to know islam in other country

James S. Coates brjimc"AT" Fri Jun 23 17:41:58 EDT 2000

surfing the web looking for a publisher to send my manuscript entitled, "Western Misconceptions: The Truth About Islam" when I saw this site... got curious and checked it out... very nice indeed

Ika solitaryoak"AT" Sun Jun 25 10:18:14 EDT 2000

Thank you so much for your excellent page. You really provide information I need especially about our prophet Mohammad. I guess that all of us are different but still as Allah creations, we are One. But to those who sometimes think that Islam is a "cruel" religion. May Allah give them light and clear mind to see the truth about Islam... Keep up your good work, brother. Peace be with you always..

Abdul Rahiman Kodi arahman31"AT" Tue Jun 27 14:13:47 EDT 2000

This site highly useful for the people like me.

eamonn halliday hallidaye"AT" Wed Jun 28 13:11:06 EDT 2000

salaam to you all from scotland u.k.

abdi osman aiosman"AT" Sat Jul 1 15:36:42 EDT 2000

This web site is a great one, alot of information to read, and helpfull for the people like me ,which whom depressed by never telling the truth, so-called western free media.Keep up the good work, you are doing the work of the creator(allah).Nice service for the all of humanity.By:major general Abdul-amin sh.Hasan(for the future) thanks a lot.

Imtiaz Khan bismilah2000"AT" Mon Jul 3 19:14:49 EDT 2000

Great site, keep up the good work.

Keeley Wooding Christyuk1"AT" Tue Jul 4 08:59:26 EDT 2000

I am currently studying Islam as part of my G.C.S.E course. I would be extremely gratful if you could take time in answering my questions. 1)How do the five pillars demonstrate the essential values of Islam? 2)How does each pillar influence the daily life of a muslim and how could it bring you closer to Allah? 3)What do you feel are the advantages/disadvantages to having set prinsiples as the five pilars? Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours, Keeley Wooding

kim A. Abustan pixer24"AT" Wed Jul 5 22:56:05 EDT 2000

can someone please help me in looking for the script in my subject philippine litreteur that is all about the epic story of alin and hudhud an ifugao story? need reply asp......:)


Al-Humdulallah, it is my belief that your web-site is good. I pray that you are very successfull in all that you do in the way of righteousness.

Sarah Morris Morriss29"AT" Fri Jul 14 07:50:19 EDT 2000


Lamia El-Sadek lamia"AT" Thu Jul 20 16:25:46 EDT 2000

Assalam Alaykum all (Peace be upon you)..I will not compliment your site for it seems everyone agrees with me that it is simply EXQUISITE,I will, however, pray that ALLAH guides you ALL to the straight path and that this guest book entry reaches you ALL in the best of health and Iman. I would like to comment on "The United Nations imposed sanctions on his government" statement, CORRECTION my brother, the sanctions never were and still are not imposed on the government. I think you are CONFUSING the PEOPLE (who die from lack of food, medication, etc.) with the GOVERNMENT. Instead of busying yourself with political views (which differ depending on how they were presented to you), umm...why not consider punishments of innocent people around the globe. Just a suggestion that's all. Muslim sisters/ladies, I'd like to invite you to visit the Sisters' Council webpage at: Peace all, Wa'Salam

burhan shehu burhanshehu"AT" Thu Jul 20 17:30:11 EDT 2000

salam aleykum

mekal omar mekal22"AT" Fri Jul 21 15:22:34 EDT 2000

ISLAM is a statement of spiritual n physical purity,it shows the respect to the only god,his prophet MOHAMED ,to the others ,n to the holly qoura'an ,which is the law on the earth ,which organize the life from each side .

Advocate Aslam Bava abava"AT" Wed Jul 26 11:23:46 EDT 2000

Good effort. From: Advocate Aslam Bava, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hassen Ferris hferris"AT" Sun Jul 30 09:54:39 EDT 2000

It is refreshing to have some one to help spread the truth about Islam and the terror and crimes that are being done to the muslim people by the west and their clients . Thankyou

Shahid Akhter Makhfi shahid"AT" Wed Aug 2 15:31:42 EDT 2000

Impressed. Keep it up.

Ronald Coleman rcoleman1"AT"nettaxi. com Sun Aug 27 11:38:16 EDT 2000

I found this to be most informative.

mansoor hassan cifcif"AT" Wed Aug 30 15:48:23 EDT 2000

it is a great job

Orion Pryor ustadbobo"AT" Mon Sep 4 00:28:16 EDT 2000

Thank you for this wonderful website. This was my first exposure to Hadith.

Tahsin Siddique gazelle786"AT" Thu Sep 14 22:27:29 EDT 2000

This is a great page....I come back here every month to check up on everything....but u should update more often.

None none"AT" Tue Sep 19 01:38:17 EDT 2000

You present an image of Peace and love when all actions of the Arab extremists world present another,A person who kills any person to benifit themself, Is Evil and in direct conflict with the quran. They will pay when the final judgement day comes from the allmighty.

Neeraj neerajg20002000"AT" Tue Sep 26 05:22:31 EDT 2000

Great job of presenting an accurate image of Islam

fiza fiza_butt"AT" Thu Oct 5 05:44:05 EDT 2000

A-O-A I am a quite new visitor. I want to be a member of your site, as i hope it would be an excellent site about Islam. Hope for the best.

Allah Hafiz

fouad oujani foujani"AT" Sat Oct 7 00:12:16 EDT 2000

Each muslim knows that ISLAM is not only a religion,but a life's system .And all we know that we have to do a lot of thing for our wonderful religion ;the religion of humanity.So every muslim without exception is responsible to act,to do ,to realize something good in his own life for ISLAM .the action is the only way................................

TARIQ B. AHMED tariq505"AT" Sun Oct 8 13:20:08 EDT 2000

i would like to visite your web site,to get more idea about it, may be is gonna be one of my favorites ,and i will write back to you .

Mark J Smyth msmyth"AT" Fri Oct 13 12:34:18 EDT 2000

Refreshing to see some perspective and balance concerning issues that your nearly always portrayed simplistically and in a woefully one-sided manner.

Raza Ali raza.ali"AT" Sat Oct 14 16:33:46 EDT 2000

Assalamo Alakum: Excelent site,keep up the good work.I recently finished reading"The War On Islam".Allah Bless you brother Enver.

Janet Grueninger Rocknroller1"AT" Thu Oct 19 16:29:00 EDT 2000

This website is very interesting.

Shaziya Ramji Shaz_ram"AT" Wed Oct 25 13:50:41 EDT 2000

you know the war in plastine you should stop it or i'll do something it is my muslim and jews and isralite in war help them to solve this stop these wars we should live in peace thats what jesus said and my prophet muhhammed said live in peace to dont you think has gone too far yes/no

it has ok stop all these inisate people are going to die not you expeccially children what happens if you were in this situotion then what happens all these people will die because of this war so stop for your sake and these peoples

if you wont listern i will take this else where

from a girl who suffers like them

TRUTH Organization of WVU truth_wvu"AT" Thu Oct 26 00:27:11 EDT 2000

Good to see there are other people out there with the same goal!

Bashir Shehu bshehu"AT" Sun Oct 29 05:19:00 EST 2000

Islam is a religion of peace and everyone should preach peace and respect each others beliefs, views and values. We should always understand our differences!

Stephan Michaels stephanmichaels2001"AT" Sun Oct 29 09:54:37 EST 2000

Priase the Lord, I am a christian minister and teacher. I also am a film marker who has chosen to use film to witness my spiritual exsperiences. However I am interested in the teachings of the Quran. Q:How does the nation of Islam "rate" in the true Islamic culture?

kato sulaiman katosula"AT" Sun Nov 5 05:52:39 EST 2000

I am a ugandan i wish to collaborate with your organisition in u.s.a alow me to join you thanks kato sulaiman 10607 kampala uganda

james LOME TOGO Sun Nov 5 06:58:16 EST 2000




fareen fareen1"AT" Tue Nov 14 13:40:32 EST 2000

To the Christian minister who is loooking on the teaching's of the Quran, he is suggested to approach his nearest mosque. Also there are many websites dealing with Islam - , islam-zine,, etc.

I hope this helps.

Hassan Ibrahim hassani"AT" Thu Nov 16 07:52:29 EST 2000

Assalamu aleykum,I learnt about this site through Bro.Enver Masoud's collection of comments.I have always wondered why the Muslims have no say in the world media.Although i'm still an undergraduate student in Kenya,I habour ambitions of creating a fund to buy majority shares in the world's media giants-INSHA-ALLAH.I'm happy to realise that many like you have started missions with similar intentions.Congratulations and ensure that truth isn't covered with falsehood.May Allah bless you

lim kim chew david_lkm"AT" Mon Nov 20 12:41:52 EST 2000

could you send to me about the origin and history of islam, like following:- >started where, when, by whom. >which countries pratise it. >the moral teaching in the religion

thank you so much because you can send to me the detail of the above.

Francisco Javier Bernal Webmaster"AT" Tue Nov 21 08:15:08 EST 2000

You analysis about the Middle East, mainly on Palestine and Iraq are very exposing. This is indeed a great work.

Anwar Gannon rwgannon"AT" Thu Nov 30 14:06:36 EST 2000

An interesting site especially for a recent convert to Islam such as myself. As someone who is actively involved in clearing war debris from countries where fighting has occurred I would like to see more done by Muslims worldwide for our brother Muslimsin these countries. Is it not about time we had our own Mulsim funded mine clearance organisation?

hadika hadika17"AT" Fri Dec 1 10:15:30 EST 2000

i now that this is not the right contact, but i cant get through to the comment suggestion,i visited this contained pictures of the palestinians, however i found the information very appealing. i am a muslim 17 years old from england i wanted to know more about the relationship between the palestinians and their leader, yaser arafat. here in england most of the newspapers seem to carry out the wrong information as this is a deliberate attempt to mislead the world and to confuse muslims. please email me, i want to know more about the issue of palestine and muslims in other parts of the world

Amna Khan ams862000"AT" Tue Dec 5 15:09:54 EST 2000

Salam Broth/sis i'v really enjoyed reading this site.Keep up the good work.

abdi osman aiosman"AT" Tue Dec 5 21:36:17 EST 2000

Can someone help me out about online investing,like what islam says about it or how I can be a good investor.Any comments from anyone of you will be helpfull.

nicolette dont have one Mon Dec 11 19:46:01 EST 2000

i need to look up marriage traditions

Angela Maguire gracie_rothman"AT" Tue Dec 12 10:37:26 EST 2000

Salaam,I am a college senior looking for an internship in DC this spring.I am a political science major who is very concerned about the negative treatment of Muslim people by politicians who are bias and uncaring.I would like to write more on Mid East politics from an Islamic perspective but basically, just want to learn as much as possible about Arabic language and culture so that I begin to understand less and less from the perspective of an American.Are you or any of your colleagues looking for a research assistant (unpaid)? If you would like I can email a resume. Shokran, Angie Maguire

Aisha Kayemba akayemba"AT" Wed Dec 13 04:59:04 EST 2000

thank you for the comments from other people,they have been very educative to me.they have showed the christian'good views about our religion islam.iam in uganda were islam is freely practised . please send me quranic verses that i can read daily. assalam aliekum to you and may the almighty ALLAH bless you

Judy Baker jaybee3"AT" Thu Dec 14 04:04:19 EST 2000

I have learneth much from the words of the QURAN and the sayings of the the Prophet Muhammad and if all the world had lived by the wisdom of these values and traditions then perhaps my descendants would have enjoyed a lasting world.

ali imran bla- Tue Dec 19 10:31:55 EST 2000

I like your arguments, and the sources is not from one side. I hope you maintain the variety of sources. Good luck. I wanna to visit your site several times a week. Good luck again, and stop struggling.

parvin nisha nishaforever"AT" Sun Jan 7 05:27:08 EST 2001

Asalamu alaikum first i like to tell that islam is the only truth.if u seek the bible to fine for information on mariam u may only fine a small paragraph on it but if u see 19:16-21 in the Qur'an u may fine the whole page with the information .from this u can say that bible is just a copy of Qur'an.any question? e-mail me to fine out more on differents between islam and chirstianity

HUSSEIN ALI SOKE husslia"AT" Sun Jan 14 05:12:25 EST 2001

i have just read ENVER MASUDS book'the war on islam' and i am happy that truth like oil usually comes to the surface.our religion has suffered so much media bashing and distortion.during the US embassy bombing in KENYA, most of us were rounded up because we were 'arab looking' that acrime?let us always learn to be tolerant and understanding on other faiths and beliefs and as they tell us in the bible'the truth shall set us free' your brother in islam, hussein ali soke, university of nairobi, kenya.

Faddy (Zack) Shaheen faddyshaheen"AT" Mon Jan 15 03:43:33 EST 2001

My heart can poor more than the seas of how greatful to be a Muslim, and to implement Islam (Peace)!!!!, I must wish you all, to seek, implement Islam and to become a true Muslm (A Surenderer to God). The more you read, the more you'll succeed! (The wise question is,"What to read?")..(The answer Is "The Koran!") If you want God to speak to you (Read the Koran!) and if you want to speak to God (Bow and pray to him!) May Allah bless you... Salamu alakum!

An Amazed American None Mon Jan 15 04:01:06 EST 2001

I was really happy to see a succees of other cultures/religions complementing this web site! More power to Islam even though most (Christians, Jews, and Athiests) among us dont want to see this happen!........READ WHAT FADDY SHAHEEN WROTE.........PLEASE COMPLEMENT!!!!!!!

Zailani Saini onlyzai"AT" Thu Jan 18 12:50:51 EST 2001

Assalammualaikum WH This is very interesting and educational.Enchanced the knowledge of Islam in most distinguished way. Would appreciate if the verse of "Jus" to be added in for further references. Thank You and keep up the good work

Georgina Anagli friendly"AT" Fri Jan 19 12:39:36 EST 2001

litereture on sabbath

saif altalib saalta6997"AT" Mon Jan 22 10:00:04 EST 2001

This is a great website that teaches the uneducated about islam about our religion, alhamdulillah

Hakeem Shakur hakeemshakur2001"AT" Thu Jan 25 15:48:59 EST 2001

In The Name of ALLAH The Most Merciful, The most Compassionate

Dear brtother, Assalaam Aleykum

I have been for a long time if we had brothers and sisters in puerto rico, and a lot of people seemed to be kinda doubtful about finding mosqs in your island. So tried through a lot of search engines and el hamdou lillehe I found what I was looking for. My name is Hakeem and I come from France, I am originally from tunisia ( North Africa). I came to the USA to achieve my studies in aviation and to become a pilot. I am very interested to learn about Islam and muslims in puerto rico, if I could travel I would go as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any masajids or muslim associations in your area. If you wanna contact me here is my phone number 817 696 8546. Your brother in Islam, Hakees S.

NURUL IMAN HIMA AMRULLAH roelman"AT" Sat Feb 3 11:43:43 EST 2001

I am from Indonesia, i am very glad to make Islamic Brotherhood in this site, thank you for presenting Islam in the web. I want to tell more about Islam in Indonesia and make relationship with all moslem all over the world. ok

mohammad anaraki bardah judoqatar"AT" Sun Feb 11 16:21:08 EST 2001

hi ....i wish u consider me a new friend to ur side and i wiosh u the best of luck for all of u

el hachimiadil a.f.oomen"AT" Fri Feb 16 11:23:34 EST 2001

life it self d ont need the obsetion of releigion but life need the love of god the only way to have direct knouledge its to love god and be hunble with the others releigion its like a roses and never flowers give fruit light its already with in us god love

David M Kiely info"AT" Sat Feb 17 13:07:53 EST 2001

Much of the "bad press" given to Islam today can be attributed to ignorance. Sites such as yours do wonders in raising awareness and disseminating knowledge. My congratulations on a difficult job well done. David M Kiely

Diedre Campbell colongi1"AT" Tue Feb 27 11:18:00 EST 2001

Hello, I am doing a research paper for my perspectives class on Polygamous Marriages in Africa. If you don't mind, could you please send me some information. I would like to know if Polygamy has any effect on women and also if it benefits them. Thank You Diedre

Amaryam Fritsch-Mason mfritsch-mason"AT" Thu Mar 1 15:19:02 EST 2001

An article by Enver Masud confirms what I've always known to be the truth about the great zionist conspiracy and how it's brought much evil to the USA, the world and Islam.

mirawati dian Rochmani Miraimut"AT" Mon Mar 5 19:36:17 EST 2001

Its true happines to find this web, i didn't speak English Good and my boy friend came from United state, He wants to know about Islam, and its very difficult for me to explain Islam for Him, this page help me alot, Thanks. Mudah-mudahan Allah membalas kebajikan anda, amin.

mika`eel j. stower mikaeel786"AT" Fri Mar 9 03:26:41 EST 2001

mash`Allah great site!jazak`Allah khairun.

Fawn Odenhal beecharmer165104 "AT" Sat Mar 10 17:39:14 EST 2001

salam aleikoum, thank you for opening the minds of all who are interested in Islam. I popped up to twf and am truely grateful. Elhumdulilallah.

laribi imen imenlari"AT" Sun Mar 11 04:56:30 EST 2001

jeune femme tunisienne,Longue et importante expérience dans le domaine d'informatique et d'internet cherche un travail de langue ou de courte terme, Très motivée, dynamique, sérieuse, passionnée par son travail

veuillez me contacter dans mon adresse E-mail et merci d'avance

James Gay - Everybody! Please contact me james"AT" Wed Mar 14 22:55:19 EST 2001

send me mail with info often

ZIYA UL ALEEM KHAN ziyajee"AT" Fri Mar 16 14:43:48 EST 2001


Ms. Nancy J. MacKissack LADYWOLFFEVIRGO"AT" Sun Mar 18 15:49:09 EST 2001

Loving greetings...thank you for such concise information on all subjects rendered here today...I've been a voracious student of Comparative World Religions...have heard from many Islamic friends found on the I-net in Islam Chats, about what you've said today...AMERICA!!! WAKE UP!!! AMEN!I'm an American, 2nd generation...altho pride is not on my list, clarity of purpose is...honor of Self and others is...Truth and Commitment is...Love for all mankind and all nature is...the Universal Law of Balance in equality of Give and Take is...!!! We're all on this spaceship called Earth. We've chosen to be here together at this particular time. Our purpose is Brotherhood among Men of all Nations!

mohammed ali user4563"AT" Thu Mar 22 04:50:41 EST 2001

im a englishman whos converted to islam 8 years ago ive started to learn about islam,if people followed there holy books there be no wars,prophet muhammed said on battle of badr dont kill women & children

basma khan cyberbasma"AT" Sat Mar 24 06:30:26 EST 2001

i find u'r site extremely interesting and i will congratulate u on creating such a site.

GHULAM MUHAMMED ghulam_muhammed"AT" Wed Mar 28 12:38:41 EST 2001


Safiya safiya"AT" Tue Apr 3 04:32:00 EDT 2001

Asalamu alaikum! masha'allah, wonderful work that you're doing, I was positively astonished to discover the 'historic event' ... super! really! may Allah reward all your efforts to spread the truth and may your work reach many many people! wa'salamu alaikum, Safiya

Chris Milian Photosfromonhigh"AT" Tue Apr 3 11:37:12 EDT 2001

Neat site Chris Milian

Travis Thompson teflondonxxii"AT" Tue Apr 3 16:51:22 EDT 2001

I got you website from the book The War on Islam, very informative !!!!! Allah U Akbar

Harun Moidin harun_moidin"AT" Mon Apr 9 05:24:20 EDT 2001

"My intention is to know Islam truly and Scientifically. Its very important. If you have time, please help me by sending me information on Islam based on scientific concept."

Arlene Johnson ajohnsonpresnsi"AT" Mon Apr 9 14:10:33 EDT 2001

We can have the beginning of world peace if your organization supports that which I am doing. Then, we can go on and achieve true peace. Peace is a process; it doesn't happen overnight. People need to be taught the various beautiful cultures of the world's people, but first we must end war. That is what the first edition of my unique magazine, True Democracy will do but only if massive amounts of people know of my work. Your work is vitally important too because you know the culture of a region. I happen to know that culture too because of my relationship with a gentleman who is Shiite Moslem from Tehran, Iran. Ali taught me so much that this is the reason why I am a publisher now. The Web site is and the password to access the first four quarterly editions of True Democracy is the word freedom.

Jack A. Spooner hammerinjack"AT" Mon Apr 9 21:01:01 EDT 2001

very informative site

Frederick A Smith. frededo"AT" Thu Apr 12 07:02:41 EDT 2001

Hi i have been too many pages but this pages is also great and very lovery,i like the information and what i red.keep it up.

Habib Ghanim,Sr hghanim"AT" Sun Apr 29 09:25:33 EDT 2001

Keep up the great job. May Allah reward you and make your efforts worthwhile for the sake of the muslims worldwide. I think you are doing a wonderful service to the community.

Modinat Mohammed bumy_m2"AT" Wed May 2 11:19:05 EDT 2001

Thanks for this great Site! I am married to a muslim brother but I don't know much about Islam. When other religion people are arguing, I can't defend myself. Please send more information on the Prophet and Islam.

re-present read"AT" Wed May 2 21:34:29 EDT 2001

i must congratulate you on a wonderful website, very informative and should dispell myths.

Shahryar Ali Khan shahryar_khan"AT" Sun May 13 19:55:21 EDT 2001

This is one of the best Islamic sites I ever knew. You have put a lot of hard work in making this site and I congratulate all of those people who participated in that. This site is a very good resource for Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. I hope that Insha Allah this site will help a lot in clarifying those doubts which Non-Muslims have about Islam and Muslims.

K Bashir Bashirk"AT" Sun May 20 08:01:22 EDT 2001 At your above site see Agra Fort- lst picture. WHy do you have information about St. Augustine, Florida and Sir Francis Drake mentioned in connection with the Agra Fort??

Salma SalB81"AT" Mon May 21 10:15:13 EDT 2001

I don't know how long it's been since you updated but i only just came across your site today and after leaving this message i will go back and read the rest of the material. i just wanted to say i am so happy to see that you are trying to dispel the media propoganda by explaining what Islam is really about. i will be a regular visitor to your site and recommend it to my friends and family.


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