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THE WISDOM FUND goes beyond the headlines and propaganda to advance social justice and peace

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— "best, short introduction
to Islam" (600 words)

Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Islamic values, beliefs, etc.
Women in Islam

Want to Understand Islam?

Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists
VIDEO: Islam — Empire of Faith

Muslims Didn't Do 9/11

9/11: The Pentagon
9/11: Complicity and Cover-up

9/11: What Really Happened

FREE BOOKS: The War on Islam; 9/11 Unveiled
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What major, U.S. news media won't tell you we will — concisely, with context

'War is a Racket'
The Enormous Cost of War

Mass Assassinations U.S. Military Strategy in Muslim World

The NPT, Iran, and Israel's Hypocrisy
Yeman Intervention Widening Conflict
The Neocon Plan for War and More War
Imminent Collapse of the US Economy?

Crusade 2.0 'Supreme International Crime'
The Enemy is Washington

American Exceptionalism
Poll: Threats to World Peace

Genocide in Gaza
What's Happening in Ukraine
US-Afghan Pact Won't End War
Hollywood's South Sudan 'Big Lie'
Israel and Palestine: One-State Solution

A Clash Between Justice and Greed

Syria: War Crime In The Making
Africom Conducting Operations in Almost Every African Country

US-Afghan Pact Won't End War
Terror: Fruit of Nato's War in Libya
BRICS Rising: Western Model Broken
Selling 'Peace Groups' on US-Led Wars

The War on Islam The War on Islam — U.S. foreign policy invites "terrorism"

Crusade: Jihad Against Islam
A World Without Islam

The Triumph of Propaganda
America's Empire of Bases
Fear Paralyzes U.S. Muslim 'Leaders'
Rise of the New, Liberal Islamophobia
Africans Brought Civilization to America

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