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Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Islamic values, beliefs, etc.
Women in Islam

Want to Understand Islam?

Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists

War On Terror Killed 4 Million Muslims
The New Islamophobia


9/11 Commission Chair: "setup to fail"



Patriots Question 9/11

FBI: Bin Laden Not Wanted For 9/11

9/11: 7 World Trade Center

9/11: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 World Trade Center

NTSB 9/11: The Pentagon

9/11: UA 93 Shot Down?

9/11: What Really Happened

9/11: Why Are Muslim Leaders Silent?

9/11: Complicity and Cover-up

9/11: The Deen Show Interview

9/11: ChatGPT Answers Not Valid

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'War Is A Racket'
America's Empire of Bases

Use of U.S. Armed Forces Abroad 1798-2022

TRUMP: "they had bombs"
AI, Robots, Cyberwar

IRAN Sends Israel a Message
Russia, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia
Provoking War With Taiwan

Russia, Ukraine and NATO
China Rising | UYGHURS
Afghanistan: U.S. Empire Retreats

OCT 7: What Really Happened
What is Zionism?

2-State Mirage | 'Peace Plan'

BRICS Rising: Western Model Broken
Iran, Israel: Western Idealism Disastrous

BJP Policy: Divide et Impera

Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Modi's DNA "

YEMEN Robbed of Oil Worth $45 Billion
Does the U.S. Want Peace With N. Korea?
LIBYA: War for Oil and Water

IRAQ: Crime of the Century
American Exceptionalism

The Enemy is Washington
Poll: Threats to World Peace

ISIS Created by U.S., Friends, Allies
Beirut Explosion: Who Benefits?
BRIEFING: Trump Invades Syria
Why They Hate Us

Manufacturing Terror,
Sacrificing Liberty

Homegrown Radicals More Deadly Than Jihadis in U.S.

AFRICOM: Violence Spiked in Africa
Hollywood's South Sudan 'Big Lie'
Terror: Fruit of Nato's War in Libya
Epstein, Mossad, Blackmail?

The War on Islam The War on Islam — U.S. Foreign Policy Invites Terrorism

Crusade: Jihad Against Islam
A World Without Islam


U.S. Propaganda: War by Media
U.S. Democracy: Freedom to Fascism
Diverting Attention: First World's Crimes

The Myth of American Exceptionalism
The Lords of Poverty
A Clash of Justice vs Greed

India: Dystopia of Extremes
American Freedoms: Reflecting Upon Independence Day

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